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    Jan 2006
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    He fell into a fortune --- literally!

    The following is a great (abbreviated) cache story from a book filled w/ them called: 'True Tales of Buried Treasure' (a highly recommended book for inspiration)....

    Time: 1840 Place: Casco Bay Maine

    JOHN WILSON was a guy who made a meager living doing odd jobs, hunting & fishing. One day he decided to take his old row boat to nearby Elm Island for some hunting. While eating his lunch, a great shot at a bird presented itself and he took aim & fired. The wounded bird scurried away with Wilson in hot pursuit. He hadn't run far when the ground below him gave way. Stunned, he found himself inside of a hole with his quarry getting away. As he grabbed at the sides of the hole for leverage to get out he caught hold of what he thought was a branch. It turned out to be the handle of a big kettle --- one filled with $12K worth of old coins!!! (about $300K today) After this amazing good luck the once poor John Wilson bought himself a home on a farm and lived out his days in leisure.

    *I've never read this story without wondering if my 2-Box detector could uncover more loot around this same area today. It's probably an uninhabited & undeveloped place still.... Living in Florida it's kinda far for me to risk traveling to Maine find out though. I've also wondered despite being relatively young and healthy whether my heart could've withstood what happend to Wilson!

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    Apr 2007
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    Re: He fell into a fortune --- literally!

    what an awesome story! Perhaps you can find something similar with your 2 box closer to home? Just curious...is your 2 box a Gemini 3? Everytime I look at them on the shelf at work I dream of having one and finding something wonderful! lol Happy hunting to you and may God bless you with many great finds and a great holiday season too!

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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
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    Re: He fell into a fortune --- literally!

    The problem would be ...where to start searching

    A Portuguese seaman was known to frequent a tavern on the N end of John’s Island in Casco Bay. Before he died, he reportedly drew a map showing the location of a hidden well behind the tavern where he had secreted a cache of $50,000 in gold and silver coins. His treasure has never been recovered. 2. John Wilson lived on Bailey Island in 1853. Legends had long been rumored that the pirate Captain Kidd had buried a large cache of treasure here. While searching for this fabled pirate hoard, Wilson dug up a copper kettle which had been buried deep in the ground containing $12,000 in Spanish gold pieces. The cache was not that of Captain Kidd.
    Almost all of the 126 islands in Casco Bay have been connected with buried treasure trove in one way or another, mostly pirate hoards connected with Lowe, Kidd, Dixie Bull, and Blackbeard. 1A). The pirate Captain Linnacum buried a cache of pirate treasure on either Sebascodegan or Great Island in Casco Bay. 1B). Gott’s Island in Casco Bay was a hiding place for pirates in the early days. There is supposed to be a substantial cache of gold coins buried somewhere on the island. 1C). In 1840, an old, iron kettle full of $10,000 in coins was found in a hole on Elm Island in Casco Bay.
    A large hoard of pirate treasure is believed to be buried on Haskell Island. 2. A pot containing $1,800 in gold coins was found by a farmer plowing his field in the 1860’s on Haskell Island. 3. A gang of counterfeiters operated on Ragged Island for several years until they were finally routed by government agents. 4. Ragged Island was a rendezvous for various hoodlums and outlaws for many years. It is almost certain that some of their loot was hidden or buried here. 5. FT: Fort Scammell located on House Island in Casco Bay, established in 1808. 6. Ghost Town: Cousins Island in Casco Bay, 4 miles SE Yarmouth.
    Littlejohn Island in Casco Bay, 1 mile S (GT) Cousins Island. 2. Site Indian relics can be found on French’s Island, located between Great Chebeague and Goose Island and to the S of Bustin’s Island. 2A). There are rumors of buried pirate treasure on French’s Island. 3. Ghost Town: Chebeague Island. In Casco Bay, 5 miles due W of South Harpswell. 3A). Site: Indian relics and artifacts can be found on Great Chebeague Island.
    A former member of a pirate band arrived on Great Chebeague Island. In search of a cache of treasure buried by his former companions. He was unable to locate the treasure and left the island. Other searches in more recent times have also been unsuccessful. 2. Ghost Town: Cliff Island in Casco Bay, 7 miles E Falmouth. 2A). Rumors of buried treasure are mentioned of a curious “H” shaped chasm that was hewn out of the solid ledge on the SE side of Cliff Island. Great caves are located on both sides of the marker. 2B). Captain Keiff was a bachelor and salvager in the late 1700’s who lured many ships to the rocks using a lantern tied around the neck of a horse. His log hut was on Cliff Island and it is known that he buried a large cache of money somewhere on the island that has never been found. Some estimates place the value of this treasure at $400,000. 2C). The pirate Captain Kidd is said to have buried a cache of treasure in a pit on Cliff Island. 2D). Site: Artifact and relic hunters find Cliff Island a prime search area because of all the shipwrecks offshore, especially after storms.
    Ghost Town: Crotch Island in Casco Bay, 1 ½ miles S (GT) Cliff Island. 2. Jewell’s Island on the outer fringe of Casco Bay, was a favorite haunt of smugglers and pirates dating back to the 1600’s. It has been a legend from the earliest times that there is pirate treasure buried somewhere on the small 221-acre island. 2A). Piles of flat stones reaching 4-5 feet high can be found on Jewell Island. It is believed by some that the stones are markers left by pirates indicating buried treasure.
    The mysterious schooner Captain Jonathan Chase, who lived on Jewell Island, is suspected of hiding or burying a cache of money in or near his old house. After his death, a search revealed empty secret compartments, sliding panels and underground passages in his house, but no treasure was found. 2. The pirate Captain Kidd is rumored to have buried a cache of treasure on the beach at Jewell Island. 3. In 1901, two seamen from Nova Scotia came to Jewell Island with an ancient map. They dug for a supposed cache of pirate treasure and excavated a large hole, then vanished. Years later, another party of treasure seekers unearthed the skeleton of a man with its skull crushed in from behind as if it were struck by a shovel. The remains were believed to be those of one of the seamen. 4. A chest of treasure was recovered from Jewell Island on the SE shore sometime around 1850. 5. Ghost Town: Mariner in Casco Bay, 4 ½ miles E Falmouth.
    Ghost Town: Intervale on RR near N county line, 2 miles SE New Gloucester. 2. Rockhounds report that garnet, topaz and tourmaline can be found in the quarries around Brunswick. 3. Pirate treasure is rumored to be buried in the area of Smuggler’s Cove, at the N end of Long Cove, on Orr’s Island. 4. The pirate Captain Linnacum is said to have buried several caches of treasure in and around Sebascodegan, or Great Island about 1775. 5. GT South Freeport 2 miles SSW Freeport. 6. GT Cundys Harbor 2 ½ miles NW Sebasco Estates.
    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    Jul 2004
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    Re: He fell into a fortune --- literally!

    Very cool story, Thanks for sharing...

    While searching for this fabled pirate hoard, Wilson dug up a copper kettle which had been buried deep in the ground containing $12,000 in Spanish gold pieces.
    This part of Gypsy's reply sounds like the same guy with a little different twist on the actual account of the facts...

    Good luck with your 2-box,,, & Happy hunting~



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