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    Mar 2008
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    Forclosure ...who do I ask for permission

    This place is going into forclosure in a week and a half and was wondering who would be the proper person to ask to detect it or will I need permission once it is forclosed on ? The current owner is a very unapproachable individual with serious business issues .

    Here's a little info on the place :


    and here's the only photo online I found , but it doesn't give the ground any justice at all :


    Only about a 15-20 min drive from me and I been eyeballing it for a couple weeks. I've got to detect this place is all I know. I plan to hit the big park across the street soon but imagine it has been done in yrs past forsure.

    The former owners actually own a house up the rd that they are redoing that's also old . The hard thing about around here is ... Almost every other place is old . Any suggestions how to get on the grounds or a good introduction line?

    I thought about asking and saying a family memeber lost a ring here yrs ago ... but hate to be dishonest but that's my only option I can think of so far.
    I'm pretty sure a flat out asking of current owner would get me a "No way" so I'll wait till forclosure and then ...??

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    Feb 2007
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    Re: Forclosure ...who do I ask for permission

    Midnightrider08, I hunt a few houses here in Iowa that have been forclosed on by the bank. I know the real estate agent the lists the houses once the owners have moved out. They clean the house out of anything that is left and then she puts it up for sale for the bank. She lets me hunt the grounds once they are setting empty. So if I was you I would find out who is going to be listing the house for sale. The worse they can say is no, but I have never been denied on a forclosed house. Good Luck and Happy Hunting.


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    Feb 2008

    Re: Forclosure ...who do I ask for permission

    You can sometimes get a little jump on finding the realtor by looking at the windows. They will sometimes put their names on a piece of paper stuck in the window with the phone number before they place a sign in the yard. They do this while waiting for the lender to tell them what the list price will be, etc. It could be several months in between foreclosure and listing of the property.

    This site has an old picture of the site



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    Feb 2008
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    Re: Forclosure ...who do I ask for permission

    The way the economy is turning, there may be a lot more of these sites to detect.

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    Mar 2007
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    Re: Forclosure ...who do I ask for permission

    Ha, I was just thinking about this the other day too My area, the central coast section of CA (south of San Jose), has an extremely high foreclosure rate. Just 2 or 3 years ago, houses that sold for $500K, now sell for $400K or less Pity the poor fellow who "bought at the peak" (they assumed there was simply no way that real estate EVER goes down ). The news reported that just in my town, there are over 800 homes/properties that are now bank-owned foreclosures. I was thinking "certainly some of them must be older home lawns"

    As I drive around and see all the for sale signs (houses literally sitting for the last year un-sold!), I see that they are stripped bare of furniture, no drapes, nobody living there, lawn becoming overgrown, etc... I guess if it's a small-time local financier, a person could go directly to them to get permission to hunt the lawn. But truth be told, most of the local brick-&-mortar finance/mortgate offices/banks are simply a branch of larger state-wide or national underwriters. That is to say, if you ask the local bank or real-estate person listed on that sign, they too would have to inquire of their regional managers, who would have to ask of their state-wide manager, who would have to get the OK of the national office headquarters, etc..... I mean, it can be endless, who "actually has the authority", etc....

    So, I have to admit, if I see an abandoned home, I sometimes just go. Heck, one time I even mowed a lawn with my own lawnmower, so I could hunt the lawn of a fire-damaged home (slated for demolition), just so the grass was low enough for me to swing the detector. Got a lot of oldies from that, inc. a 1909s wheat (no vdb durnit) Yeah I suppose a neighbor could be looking over their previous neighbor's foreclosed home, and may "care less", so each site it different.

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    Re: Forclosure ...who do I ask for permission

    Me Too.... good idea I've been thinking about. I think they'll be lots in the future!!!!

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    Oct 2007
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    Re: Forclosure ...who do I ask for permission

    I've called the realtors on several properties. I explain what I want to do and let them know that I will actually pick up and cart off the trash that I find as I detect. I've got permission every time. When hunting in parks, I always keep one side of my pouch loaded with some of the worst sharp objects that I have found. If anyone says anything, I pull out those items and explain how I might have little Johnny from a nasty cut. It makes people think I'm doing a good service, which in reality, I am.

    Good hunting, John K



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