Side-scan sonar imaging. Whats good/whats reasonable?
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    Side-scan sonar imaging. Whats good/whats reasonable?

    I'm looking at picking up a side-scan sonar unit for some bottom profiling. Looking for something good to about 500fsw with good resolution. What do you use/own (name/model), how do you like it? If you could post some image scans along with the model you use (not looking for secret spots) that would help me out alot.

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    Re: Side-scan sonar imaging. Whats good/whats reasonable?

    Side scan sonar comes is two main types these days.

    The professional units from GeoAcoustics, Klien, EdgeTech etc, and the 'other' units such as the hummingbird, fishers etc. The difference between these two groups is cost and performance. The professional units have far better resolution and range, meaning you spend much less time on a boat doing your survey.

    The other main issue is what you want to do with the data. Do you want to create a bottom map that's geo-registered so you can pinpoint the location of any contact?. Or do you just want to drag around a sidescan until you see something interesting?. If it's the former, you will also need a sonar processor.

    Be warned that sidescan, or any quality marine equipment, is not cheap. It does take a serious commitment to get into sidescan. That said, sidescan is still the most effective way to locate an object on the seafloor. Combined with a magnetic gradiometer, you can quickly determine the difference between natural, and man made contacts.

    Hope that helps

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