Vibroground Model 293
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    Jan 2020
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    Vibroground Model 293

    Has anyone here ever used the Vibroground Model 293 four probe resistivity meter for treasure hunting? The machine wasn't marketed for locating treasure but I have seen other treasure hunters talking about how they've found it to be better than the Mother Load Locator. The user's manual only briefly mentions that the machine can be used effectively for archaeology but "no attempt will be made to cover this area". I have very limited experience with resistivity using only a two probe system and it wasn't adjusted the same way as this one. So I was hoping someone would be willing to break this one down for me a little bit. I'm wondering how the needle would respond to let's say a chest of gold. Along with what settings the dials need to be on to search for that type of treasure and how to position the probes.

    Another thing is the wires and ground probes need replacing. What's the best wire gauge to use? Would four 10mm x 19 inch brass rods work okay for the probes? I really appreciate any help.

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