What is your favorite MD for trashy ghost towns?
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    What is your favorite MD for trashy ghost towns?

    I have been through a few machines trying to find that one that can maneuver an old town site. There have been times I really wanted to visit a GT but didn't bother making the trip because I didn't think any detectors I owned at the time could handle it. There is always tons of shredded corrugated steel, old car parts, nails, highly mineralized ground, etc. I have hopes for the Deus I picked up last year but haven't had a lot of time on it. If Sabisch schedules a Deus class somewhere out west I intend to be there and hopefully maximize my time in the old towns. I am really hoping the fast response of the Deus will help pick some targets between the trash. Maybe the new F75Ltd or even the upcoming Makro Racer might be worthy. So what is your favorite detector in these extreme conditions and why? What machines have not worked out well for you in ghost towns? Do you have any favorite GT settings you care to share?

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    Several people I know use the Deus in very trashy conditions and they say it's a great machine for sniffing out the good finds among the junk.

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    What is your favorite MD for trashy ghost towns?

    I've taken my F-19 one time to such a place. Settings were 0 disc, V-break 39, no notch. Everything above iron (39) is a VCO tone. I dug several old shotgun brasses, a button, a brass whatzit, but not any coins. The 19 does well in high trash. I've taken several machines here including, etrac, sovereign, and tejon, but found this F-19 is amazing in these type places. There was still tons of shredded tin everywhere causing constant overloads. The 10x5 elliptical is well suited for these areas also.
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