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Thread: what is the best sluice box for finding gold fast and easy???

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    May 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug Watson View Post
    Drop riffles do catch fine gold good. I've had both. Funny but when it comes to cleanup devices I've not seen one with hungarian riffles.

    I see your point , but sluices and cleanup devices are very different things. Cleanup devices run very little water and very slowly. I have not seen any river sluices with a flat smooth bottom. They work literally because the there is enough water to only wash away the lights but not enough to wash away the heavies. While your hungarian riffles work to gradually slow the water flow enough for the heavies to drop out. And the larger and "raised" low pressure area behind them can literally pull fines out of the water flow. Drop riffles dont slow the water much , they just catch the heavies if they get low enough in the watercline , thats why they dont work as well if the water is too fast , smaller stuff may not make it low enough in the watercline to get trapped before exiting the sluice. The effectiveness of any sluice though , depends completely on being set up properly for conditions , and for the type of sluice it is. But there are as many opinions on them as there are people in the world I suppose , so we just use the one we are most comfortable with.

    Ive had instances with my A51 , where there was not enough wate rflow to clean out the riffles and get the exchange going , I could have used a drop riffle sluice then , .... and Ive had instances where there was just way too much flow to think it was catching many fines at all. But these are extremes and overall I think this type of sluice has a larger effectiveness "window" , able to work effectively in the widest range of water flow without losing many fines.
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    In many cases you can make use of a wing dam to speed up the water flow or else create a diverter dam to slow down the flow to the sluice.
    Of course it's much eaiser to slow down the water than it is to speed it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hunter_46356
    I really think asking a prospector which sluice to buy is like askin a fisherman which lure to buy. Everyones got their favorite, There's a whole bunch out there that work and most of us havn't got to use them all. This would be like me. When you use the words "best" and "easy" it's all realative to "who" and "where" you are, what kinda gold your trying to find and how much you expect to get out of how much work you put in. By your comment "the price isnt really a problem for me either, so $200 is OK" Kinda lends me to believe you have more expendable cash than most. If I were you I'd get me a Bazooka and a 52 and do another thread about which worked for you maybe some video of how things went. I didn't have the cash to buy a fluid bed so I made one.....actually several. The theory works...but what I found, you've got to get everything right, water flow and volume vs trap size, trap depth, output height and probably a few more variables to end up with a well functioning fluid bed sluice. Also made several standard sluices as well. Found I was spending more time MacGuyvering stuff than working on finding gold. My vial filled a lot faster when I figured this out. Narrow it down for yourself and just get wet and come home tired and you will have earned what ever you have found whether it's gold or lessons learned. Hunter
    Nice Response:
    At first... I thought... Here we go...
    I also am the McGyver type. Love to tinker with crap. I end up spending more time and cash than if I had just bought the thing. I made a blue bowl probably should have bought it. I just hope thats gold in the bowl and not mercury,uranium or cryptinite.
    In the process of building my second bazooka type sluice. Looks like junk but I may have learned some things from the failures if the first one. I really like the fluid bed principle and is something I can actually wrap my mind around.
    Keep us thinking. And god luck to all.

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    Aug 2012
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    I watched a lot of YouTube video's and ended up picking up a Bazooka Gold Trap Sluice, it is the Miner version.

    Its really big but it does a great job.

    Here is a video of what I got from my first bucket of clean out from a crevice and the grass clump growing in it.
    I dont think I had enough angle because I ended up with a ton of cons as you can see from the video.

    I did meet someone today that was working the same area that I was and they put 5 buckets through a standard sluice and only got half of what I did for my 1 bucket.
    Of course the quality of the material is different from inch to inch, it is still something to think about.

    Hope it helps.
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