EPA repot on Fracking
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Thread: EPA repot on Fracking

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    EPA repot on Fracking

    Wasn't expecting this at all, yay team! Before a couple of my new friends chime in that this isn't treasure related, it's political and turn me into the mods; It's relevent in that the same tactics used against the fracking industry are the same being used against the mining industry! It's also an example that folks usually in cahoots are waking up. Another case of team greens "the sky is falling" fear mongering for funding debunked! Hopefully folks can get back to work and we could get the same group in the EPA to do a study on suction dredge mining.
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    A years long project to develop a major copper mine* in our area has continually been attacked from all fronts (greenies, Indians, nimbys, etc.) and the potential for water pollution (mostly to protect wildlife rather than humans) is their current major roadblocking attempt. The arguments go on even after numerous studies and subsequent permitting by the various local, state and federal governmental agencies. When a permit is issued they do not accept it but attack it from a different angle. That is probably what will happen with the fracking report too. The arguments will go on until "we freeze to death in the dark".

    By the way, the valley over the mountains to the west is home to two currently operating major copper mines and several others that are now shut down. That drainage, Santa Cruz River, flows directly through Tucson and there are no real issues other than complaints about occasional dust blowing from the tailings ponds. Also Green Valley and Sahuarita are communities that almost abut the tailings ponds or mine dumps. Yeah, they complain about these too but they were there before the homes were built. Kind of makes you wonder why they are raising such a stink about about pollution from a new mine in another nearby valley containing a very minor drainage when this valley probably has 6 to ? more times the area of disturbed material and no real complaints.

    * https://www.google.com/webhp?sourcei...emont%20copper
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