I have gold mineral which was found in between compost, what should I do?
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Thread: I have gold mineral which was found in between compost, what should I do?

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    May 2018
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    I have gold mineral which was found in between compost, what should I do?

    Hi, a few years ago, I bought some compost, so used it in my garden. Then a years passed, and I began to re pot plants, and on closer inspection began to notice a golden shimmer.
    I decided to put some into tester containers, and have it investigated.
    I contacted several places, including the Birmingham jewellery quarter, and the London gold refinery, both of which confirmed that there is a content of gold. They advised me to place it all within containers and wait for it to separate itself over a few years.
    The problem I have is who can I contact to fully separate the two, in order to get the content confirmed, and to melt it into sections?


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    Fire should separate the compost from the gold.

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    compost is made up of plant material, sometimes minerals such as expanded mica (Vermiculite) are added
    if there was gold it would be as a fine coating on the surface of these other minerals
    and might give a reading of gold but would only be micrometers thick and not have much value.
    might contact a gold panner like from the Lake District to have go at separating any gold out.
    if it has value ( $ per ton) then you would have to find the specific site of where it came from.
    search; Lake district Gold Panner
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