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Thread: GPAA/LDMA properties for vacations and retirement?

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    GPAA/LDMA properties for vacations and retirement?

    I'm gettin on toward my rewirement years, and thinkin on mellow, interesting things to do while I wait for the Reaper.

    I'd to road trip a little motorhome and trailer around east of the Mississippi,

    I enjoyed prospecting gold here in Michigan, but I've reached a point that I'm just not impressed with the reward at the end of the day. I ain't hopin to get rich, but just a little more fruits of my labor then a flake or two, and maybe even have a chance at a nugget or gem.

    Could a man play a few months a year on GPAA or LDMA properties and feel he somewhat justified his workday in precious products from the earth ?

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    Nov 2010
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    No - not east of the Mississippi.

    You need to go west to find appreciable gold on club properties.

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    A membership would be worth it just for the social values.
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    I'd like to know too, I just got a 1 year membership since they got some free gold paydirt promo right now. Hope it's worth it, there's several claims around the Mariposa county area where I go to that are belonging to the GPAA.

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    Mar 2014
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    Having been a Oregon placer claim owner/miner for 40 plus years I can honestly say that going south to Az for the winter and utilizing an LDMA membership was well worth the investment. I can't tell you how many gold mining friends I made over the years (10 years of LDMA). The gold take was not the significant part of the experience. Finding gold is great...and I had some good years and I had some poor years. But I can never replace the friendships I made. Plus sitting down in the desert next to Rich Hill and enjoying endless days of winter sunshine can't be beat. Watching the snow/rain/wind from the northern home front (TV weather), while enjoying the AZ sun filled winters is awesome. Yep....a great experience in life for those of us who have the fever. I have an early LDMA membership that has more privileges than the newer ones. Many old timers like myself decide to sell their memberships; and there are always some available at a very discounted price. I had my membership on Craigs list for awhile.

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