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Thread: gold miner blue bowl

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    May 2011
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    gold miner blue bowl

    ive used my for five years,love it .but it not even catching black now,do these ware out?should i ruff it up with sandpaper,or replace it.i have lowered the water pressure,and laid in down more.
    thanks brad

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    I have the gold miner spiral wheel if that's what you are talking about
    they need to be smooth, they get rough over time, hard water and drying out, clean with warm soapy water
    use a soft bristle brush to get in the groves, rinse and let dry then use Johnson paste wax.
    you might be able to get a few more years out of it, each time I use it now
    I run some soapy water with my soft brush before I start and don't let the sun dry it out till I'm done

    I lay it back until the black sand almost reaches the top.
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    Jan 2019
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1637 View Post
    ive used my for five years,love it .but it not even catching black now,do these ware out?should i ruff it up with sandpaper,or replace it.i have lowered the water pressure,and laid in down more.
    thanks brad
    How to Use the Blue Bowl Concentrator

    Before getting started, wash the interior surfaces with a mild dishwashing detergent such as Ivory, Joy, or Dawn to remove any oily residue. This should be repeated periodically to ensure the Bowl surfaces are clean and oil free. Never ever scrub the Blue Bowl with an abrasive!

    Pre-screen your concentrates to at least 30-mesh using a classifier before adding to your Blue Bowl. Classifying concentrates using nested classifiers or sieves (30, 50, 100 mesh) will speed up the process considerably. For example, 100-mesh concentrates require more time to process than 50-mesh, etc. Keep the concentrates wet with water treated with an emergent such as "Jet Dry" to break the surface tension, and prevent fine gold from floating over the top. Jet Dry and similar products are available at most grocery and discount stores.

    To recover micro-fines, prescreen the concentrates using a 50 or 100 mesh classifier. After adding the concentrates to Bowl, adjust (increase) the water flow slowly until waste discharges over the center cone. Set the control valve to maintain a constant water level. Note: Maintain the water level 1/4" from the top of the outer rim of the Bowl when using 50 mesh pre-screened material; 1/2" from the outer rim if prescreening using 100 mesh pre-screened material. A good rule of thumb is, the higher the screen mesh number, run lower and slower.

    Level your Blue Bowl so that the water is even with the top (outer rim) of the Bowl. The Bowl is equipped with adjustable wire folding legs so you can level the Bowl on the bucket it rests on during operation. A set of 3 Blue Bowl Leg Levelers with hold down clips are sold separately for use on a 5 gallon bucket.

    Fill the Bowl with treated water; shut off the water supply, then add one cup of concentrates along the outer edge the Bowl (inside). Always close the water supply valve before adding more concentrates. Add no more than 1.5 cups at a time. After placing the concentrates in the Bowl, open the water control valve until the water level reaches the top of the outer rim without spilling over the rim. When the water reaches the top outer rim of the Bowl, adjust the flow to prevent it from over flowing.

    If material flows over the edge of the Bowl, or the water flow is too great causing gold to be swept over the inner cone into your retention bucket, don't panic, the gold will remain in the bucket or tub or whatever you are using. If the water flow rate is too great, cut it back; too low, increase the flow. Watch the discharge over the rim of the inner cone; if you see micro gold being swept over the rim, slow it down a little.
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