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Thread: S.47 - Natural Resources Management Act - Another Land Grab?

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    Feb 2015
    Moses Lake WA & Provo UT
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    S.47 - Natural Resources Management Act - Another Land Grab?

    I just found out about this today. The Natural Resources Management Act. Different media sources portray it from several positive aspects, even advertising that it will actually help some groups with access, but actually looking into it, it just looks like another land grab. They're making more monuments, more national parks, expanding existing ones. Closing all sorts of land to any sort of mineral or otherwise resource exploration. I noticed this because it includes a huge mineral withdrawal (340,000 acres) right on the very borders of the Slate mining district in Washington. Looks like in Utah alone more than 1,000,000 acres will be become "protected". Already passed the US Senate 92-8, now on to the House.
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    Ed Tracy

    Jan 2015
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    Thanks for the headache Owen
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    Feb 2015
    Moses Lake WA & Provo UT
    438 times
    I wrote Rep Newhouse about it. Clearly, it will still pass but I wanted to let him know that I'm not impressed that he "championed the act" (according to ifiber one news Major public lands act offers protection for Washington resources | Columbia Basin | ifiberone.com) Especially when he states on his website that he believes "Land-use decisions should be made locally, not by far away federal bureaucrats. It is Congress’ duty to ensure that public land management promotes economic development, not burdensome regulations and red tape."

    P.S. I believe this posting, even though "political," is allowed per the rules as it is "directly related to treasure hunting".
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    Jan 2019
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    OwenT...good for you for contacting your congressman.

    They say here in Maine anyway, a topic is "of interest" when (1) constituent calls a congressman and lets them know how they feel. It takes just (2) phone calls on one topic for it to be considered, "hot". And when there are (3) phone calls, they consider the phone "ringing off the hook," So I always encourage people to present their opinions because people might not realize, they have far more influence than they think.

    Again, good for you.
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