Whats the procedure for getting a cliaim that is late for fees in Sept?
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    What's the procedure for getting a claim that is late for fees in Sept?

    I realize this is a really touchy subject on this forum and I'm not trying to be the bad guy here, but if I can get my former claim back via this method then so be it. The owners have had it for over 15 years and not so much as turned a shovel on it (which is a REAL hot button issue with me). Nowadays claimable land is a tiny fraction of what it was 165 years ago and there is a whole lot more people now than back then to compete for it.

    I went on the BLM Website and the only subject in relation to this is if your Co-owner of the claim fails to pay the fees how you can take the claim over. I didn't find it on Land Matters though I know Clay that you of all people made darn sure to put it on the site, just can't seem to find it.

    I will look forward to hearing from my fellow miners and I thank you in advance. Signed, Sadder but wiser.

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    Ed Tracy

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    Patients young Padawan, you must wait until after December to find out if the owners have given up the claim, if they pay the full maintenance fee by sept. 1 they are clear but if they file a affidavit of assessment work they have till Dec. 30th. Case in point, there is a claim next to mine and it came up for sale and I checked on "My land Matters " and it showed the owner filed for a annual assessment work on the claim but someone put this claim up for sale in Dec. and was sold on ebay so now there are 2 owners of this claim but not, sad for for the second buyer but they did not do the proper research. I notified the seller of his mistake and he no longer sells claims.

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    Jan 2008
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    Thank you et1955. Worth the wait.



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