new claims posted on lynx creek
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Thread: new claims posted on lynx creek

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    new claims posted on lynx creek

    so 2 weeks ago i was up at lynx off bannie mine road, very dry no water at the time.
    there are new claim marker signs, i thought it was part of the mineral withdrawal area?
    i moved on to another area.
    yesterday i was watching nuggetheads on youtube and he was talking about it, in the comments section of the
    video i read that the forest service forgot to renew the mineral withdrawal and some claims were staked, there was some
    confusion as to what was open ground and not, so a lot of new markers went up and they are not all valid.
    a ranger was going around taking the signs down.
    anyone have more information on this.

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    Lots of folks file claims on withdrawn ground. Itís a little IQ test, they just failed LoL

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    The Lynx Creek recreational stream side withdrawal (AZA 030584) expired on the 16th of March of this year. That doesn't mean you can make claims there yet. The BLM has to make the register code change before you can make a claim there. It's just a matter of entering a single line code in the register but that hasn't happened yet.

    The pre expiration withdrawal review concluded the withdrawal should be extended another 20 years. That hasn't happened yet. Technically the withdrawal has expired due to lack of executive action. I think like so many other things the government is going to give themselves a do over cuz COVID. The BLM has been open, fully staffed and fully funded through COVID but like many government offices has cut way back on actual work. In my business I deal with a lot of different local, State and Federal agencies and there is a trend in some offices and some districts to use COVID as an excuse to cut their services even though they have budget and personal. It's not just the BLM or even all the BLM offices.

    The Lynx Creek withdrawal didn't cover much more than the stream and banks in that area so there have always been a lot of claims along the Bannie Mine Road. There is only one new claim among all those older claims and it does look like it's located in the withdrawal zone. It was located less than a month and a half ago.

    The Arizona BLM has been dragging their feet completing the reopening of several important large mineral withdrawals this past year. This is a problem for miners who want to enter these areas. It hasn't always been this way. In 1981 the Castle Creek withdrawal expired. I was one of the first to make entry there and I saw a LOT of gold pulled from that drainage. Being it was still the 80's almost all those claims were patented by the miners and most of the area is now private property.

    I could see the Prescott rangers pulling down location signs. It's none of their business and they can't close a claim but there is some serious attitude towards miners in that particular forest. I doubt the rangers really care whether they have a legal right to remove those signs. I imagine they declared them trash or a nuisance so they could justify removing them. That doesn't mean I think the new claim is valid, just an observation on how things work in that area.

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