Blue bowl gold concentrator help
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Thread: Blue bowl gold concentrator help

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    Blue bowl gold concentrator help
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Blue bowl. I know this is more of a prospecting question however, Does anyone here own a Blue Bowl gold concentrator for fine gold cleanup?
    I’ve made my own by 3-D print of the cone. Attached it to the bowl/bucket , attached an inlet on the side and even pouring silicon rubber to flatten the base to catch the fine gold. For some reason even trying different size tubes stronger faster water the material is not going up the cone and leaving the concentrator like it should. If someone has one of these and could make any suggestions I’d appreciate it thanks.
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    Nice job ! One thing that was suggested in using the Blue Bowl was to move the pump back from the bowl about 10-12 inch's before your bilge pump. This location would help eliminate the pulse crescent wave action from the pump and the valve to give you better results. I had a Green Bowl with the wings molded on to the bottom and a Blue Bowl . Plus I used a 1000 GPH bilge pump hooked to my battery that was hooked to my battery charger. It sounds like you didn't have enough water movement.
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    Maybe check out this older post by AzViper. It’s been recently brought up again lower in this list of posts.

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    I think we need Hefty for this one since his father is the creator of the blue bowl.
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    maybe the bottom and cone are sticky to the fine materiel, try clear coat or Johnson's paste wax,
    direct the jet of water halfway between the wall and cone, screen below -30 mesh

    edit; actually looks good just some fine tuning, looks like more water to push than the blue bowl maybe?

    had to fix the link;
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    ".... and even pouring silicon rubber to flatten the base to catch the fine gold." This may be your problem. The bowl needs to be smooth to allow the black sands (-30 material) to freely flow up the cone. The fine gold is heavier and collects at the base of the cone.
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    Look at the Historical Gold Mining photo albums on my page

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    Looks to me like you have a couple problems, first - there's no where near enough water, which also tells you that when the material won't climb the tube. 2nd - when you do get enough water, your sides may not be high enough to hold it in. Because you're using a home made set up you may have to change out to a larger pump to get the same water action that you see in the store bought models. Because your just running pipe for a jet, it's going to take more water because it's not putting pressure on the water and shooting it out faster. Yours will work, it just needs more water or a reduced jet to give it some speed.

    Here's a link on blue bowl mods -
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    I tried making a blue bowl, ended up buying one. As stated above you probably need more water, the jet on the blue bowl isn’t a straight pipe it is tapered in much like a pressure inlet on a dredge jet. I use it at home so I use a pond pump on mine and have it plumbed up with true bore ball valve about a foot away from the actual inlet, the pulses from the pump as russau said mess with things and having a better valve then the stock garden hose help smooth everything out. Getting the bowl perfectly flat is extremely important. TBPH I very rarely use my blue bowl. I use it when I have a bunch of black sand concentrates stacked up and I’m bored enough to roast n crush, magnetic separate then blue bowl it for the locked in fines. I want to build a shaker table next, then I can separate my concentrates into different grades, my partner swears by cleaned heavies as a soil additive for roses and grapes.
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    retired bumb and part time Hobo

    May 2005
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    Year's back I tried to get permission or the patent for BOTH of the Green Bowl's to make some of them BUT was turned down and they said the molds were broken and they said it would cost to much to repair them ! I had (2 ) plaster mold's made and was stopped in my track's on this project BUT I guess I could make one for myself since they are out of production for a long time BUT NOT FOR SALE by ME ! I was told (a long time ago) that the Original Green Bowl with NO riffles on the bottom were the best of all the Bowls and I just wanted to see how much different !
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