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Thread: Gold on Mars!

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    Ed Tracy

    Jan 2015
    Equinox 800
    1408 times
    Mining outside of the Earths atmosphere is a stupid idea, period !!!!! I had the space travel dream back in the late 1960's but we know so much more now about the dangers of it. Nasa is predicting the sun will be very active in the very near future and means death to any astronauts traveling to mars, one way trip it will be.
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    beachcomber, treasure hunter, fisherman

    Jun 2016
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    If women are from venus....then there will be gold diggers on Mars in no time....I'd be trying to recover the 8 or so pounds we know are on the moon....left there by us on our rover !!
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    Sep 2014
    trapped on the earthly plane of causation
    9699 times
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    Quote Originally Posted by AARC View Post
    Thats great an all...

    But what about Rum ? ? ?
    Good idea!

    Traveling the distance from here to Mars would be impossible without a bit of social lubricant.

    You know what they say, "Time flies when you are having rum".
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    "Do Not do to others that which you would Not have them do to you"

    Choose your heroes carefully.

    In God We Trust.

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    Oct 2018
    Central Valley California
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    It'd make more sense mining the asteroids for gold since there's less volume to have to dig up, massive metal bearing asteroids believed to be part of the core of an old planet have already been detected. Most of the heavy metals on planets sank deep underground, yet are easily accessible as asteroids. NASA is planning on sending a probe next year to explore it.
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    Oct 2018
    SW Ohio
    CTX 3030 and Equinox 800
    599 times
    Metal Detecting

    If robots could actually move like this then a whole lot of folks are going to be out of work sometime in the not too distant future. Good luck with your hunts. Walt
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    Apr 2015
    Oshkosh, WI
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    I'd be more interested in those black sands I see all over the place! Bet it's like beach mining up there! Now just need the water!

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    Aug 2011
    NY, AZ & NV. Becoming "houseless"
    Minelab 1000, A Motorized Power Glider Trike, 17 foot travel trailer behind my Jeep. 4" suction dredge/high banker.
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    Get a ticket from Elon Musk at SpaceX.
    The view is always better with 500 feet of air under your buttocks.

    BS usually can go around the world ten times... before truth even gets on its' shoes.

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    May 2009
    Sailor Flat, Ca.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoinFetcher View Post
    I dont think any planet in our solar system has the tectonic foundation to produce that much GOOD STUFF

    The photos in the video certainy show gold colored material, but as we know...all the glitters isn't necessarily gold
    the planets all had the same source material when they formed. Mars could absolutely have gold it has many of the same minerals as earth.

    It also has/had volcano's and "Marsquakes"
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    May 2009
    Sailor Flat, Ca.
    SDC2300, Gold Bug 2 Burlap, fish oil, .35 gallons of water per minute.
    13072 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Theres no way to say whats in the video is not gold. as no samples have been returned.

    it sure looks like it especially the pieces of "float"
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    Jun 2010
    395 times
    Y'all are TOO LATE! Its all mine! MINE! I filed the claim years ago!
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    Apr 2014
    Tartarus Dorsa mountains
    944 times
    Stayin' alive :D
    Quote Originally Posted by DizzyDigger View Post
    Heavy elements like gold, osmium, palladium, etc. are not produced
    by plate tectonic's.

    The prevailing theory was that gold was produced in supernova's, but
    there's some newer research that shows that the heaviest elements have
    only been forged during the collision of two neutron stars. When neutron
    stars collide it's about the most powerful, violent and explosive event in the universe.

    Here is an outstanding article that explains it all, and in understandable language.

    That wonderful yellow metal we dig out of the ground traveled a long,
    long ways to get here.
    I think the point is it takes tectonics to concentrate the goodies into economic deposits. Creating stuff is for alchemists
    Improving the world, one post at a time

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    Apr 2014
    Tartarus Dorsa mountains
    944 times
    Stayin' alive :D
    I knew a geologist (sorta famous) who spent our winters down on the bottom part of this marble. It was very expensive to do so, lucky for him the gov funded it. His claim was that if platinum ingots were stacked on the shores of Antarctica you couldn't afford to go get them
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    Dec 2014
    Bodfish and Marin county CA
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    Ok --- which one of you guys got the samples
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    Stay thirsty my friends

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    retired bumb and part time Hobo

    May 2005
    St. Louis, missouri
    5590 times
    Quote Originally Posted by Bodfish Mike View Post
    Ok --- which one of you guys got the samples
    DARN ! I saw that pile of "rocks" and needed some for back fill on a "area" that I worked awhile ago and had some "kids" use it to fill in holes. MAYBE it wasn't a good idea after all !!??

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    Aug 2016
    3360 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I wonder if martian GOLD WOULD BE WORTH MORE THAN American GOLD


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