Spider venom treatment
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    Spider venom treatment

    In the Pacific NW we have Hobo spiders, a close cousin to the dreaded Brown Recluse. After having 8 bites and the scars to show from them a friend told me about using Goldenseal Root as treatment. Shortly afterward I found my tent had gotten infested, after having been bitten several times. I followed her instructions and had no scars and healed in a fraction of the time.

    1 Goldenseal Root is available as a powder in capsules available from health food stores. Each capsule holds enough powdered root to cover most of your body so don't worry about how much you need. I carry 3-4 tablets with me in my med bottle.

    2 Cut the skin enough to bleed in the middle of the insect bite. Goldenseal Root powder is blood activated. Don't worry, GR also acts as a coagulator, instantly producing a scab. BTW, it is great for stopping external bleeding.

    3 Once the scab is formed, cover with a bandaid. As any poisonous spider bite causes a change in skin color, you will notice the edge of the discoloration receding back toward the original bite where the scab is. This should be noticable each hour.

    4 Let the scab fall off naturally, no picking. LOL.

    GR also helps limit the itching.

    Be wary of any allergic reactions if you have a history of it with either herbal remedies or spider bites.
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    Re: Spider venom treatment

    Good post, i have used Golden Seal for over 40 years when necessary.
    It is extremely useful to stop gum infections, relief can be as quick as 10 minutes.
    Also great for stomach flu. In both cases I use 2 capsules with water. You don't
    have to place it on the gums, just swallow it.

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    Re: Spider venom treatment

    Don't ever go to Arizona. Millions of spiders per square foot. Literally. Some arn't even from this planet.

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    Re: Spider venom treatment

    Thanks for the info. I was bitten by a Brown Recluse a few years ago and the Dr. had to cut a hole about 1"wide and 1-1/2" deep. Right below my knee on the side of my calf, it felt like my whole leg was on fire.


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    Re: Spider venom treatment

    I guess the same would hold true for snakebites. You could always go Woody's way



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