Christmas Gift Idea!
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    Feb 2007

    Christmas Gift Idea!

    I have a Christmas idea that fits in our metal detecting hobby very nicely. The Glenn Beck show recently interviewed the author of the book The Christmas Jar. As I understood it, the book tells a story about saving spare change all year and putting in jar. At Christmas the idea is to give the jar of change to a need person or family with them not knowing were it came from. It shows that a little effort all year long can make a big difference in someone’s life. So I got to thinking? This idea could fit nicely into our hobby, providing us with a means of promoting good will and our hobby, and adding new joy and excitement to our efforts. My first idea was to give my clad change finds to someone in need or a charitable organization. However, I am one of those guys that has saved every coin I have every found and amassing a large pile of coins is just part of my detecting style. I am also one of those guys who considers finding and returning an item to it’s original owner the most rewarding and highest scoring thing one can do in our sport. So, then it occurred to me I could give cash in the amount of the face value of my clad change finds for that year. This is usually around a $100 for me. I could keep my clad finds, promote our hobby and good will, and help someone in time of their need! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving along year long! This idea could be adjust to fit each of our own hunting styles. Even clubs could get into the act. I could not help but think how big a charitable impact this basic idea could result in? How many thousands of dollar do you thing we as a group find every year? There are unlimited ways of adapting this idea to everyone’s own style of detecting and helping other. For example, one could drop the extra amount into the church basket; give it to the Salvation Army; buy a detector of a child interested in our hobby; leave the jar of change on a needy persons front steps in the middle of the night; put it back into a “hunted out park” for others to find; donate it to organizations that lobby to protect and preserve our hobby from over government regulation; or any other worthy act you can think of. I have discussed this with my hunting buddy and he is going to give his clad change value to a worthy cause of his choosing. My wife is going to do something similar with hers too. I hope you find the joy of Christmas and our hobby in this idea and that it fills your heart year around!! Merry Christmas.



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