[HONORABLE MENTION] My Favorite Ring Return
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Thread: My Favorite Ring Return

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    My Favorite Ring Return

    Thought I would share a news clipping about a ring I returned back in 1995. I've returned quite a few pieces of jewelry since, but this will always be my favorite. First, it was the first piece I found and returned. Second, it was lost longer than any piece I have ever returned. Then there was the 4 page thank you letter from the owner...nicest letter I've ever received!

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    *edit* - found a pic of the ring and posted the letter below...
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    Nice! IMO it's one of the best parts of this hobby.

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    I also have this same think the ring is the best and dashing part of the hobby..But more important Is it looks good on hand or not ..
    some time the rings looks not good on your hand due to weak hands..but its looks more aggressive on health hands and makes a good impressions
    Have a wonderful day!

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    I managed to dig out the letter I mentioned at the beginning of this post. It was such a heartfelt letter I wanted to share it with you guys. It has more of the story than whats in the news article. I said 4 page letter in the beginning but its actually 3. I've kept a treasure hunting journal since day one. This particular entry was 5 pages. The log sheet, three pages of the letter and the 5th being photos and the envelope... hence my confusion. Another interesting part of this story I forgot to mention was a phone conversation with this mans elderly father. I literally spent months trying to track this rings owner down and when I finally got close, it was his father who I ended up talking to first. I didn't have much faith in this phone number I had called but early in the conversation I knew I was at the end of my journey. Remember that the ring was found in a lake named Lake Worth. The conversation went as such:
    Me: "Is this Marshall?"
    Elderly Man: "No. That's my son. What do you want with him?"
    Me: "Well, I may have found something that belongs to him"
    Elderly Man: "what is it?"
    Me: "His class ring"
    Elderly Man: "No, that's not possible. He lost his class ring in Lake Worth when he was in high school."

    Bingo! I knew it was his. The man took down my phone number and explained his son was a truck driver and he would have him call when he came in off the road. But the story took another turn. About a week later I get a call from a woman asking if I metal detect and if I was looking for someone who lost a class ring. When I said yes she was super excited. Apparently her grandfather, in his elderly state, had copied my number down wrong and she had been trying different combinations of it for three days trying to get a hold of me! She sent a message through a dispatcher to her father on the road to let him know about his ring. You can read his actual thank you letter below. Its a "keeper"!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow! That is the kind of correspondence we would all like to receive.
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    Awesome! I think a lot of people are just too shocked to have their ring back to make much of a fuss over it. Glad he was able to tell you how he really felt. Good job!

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