[HONORABLE MENTION] Found and returned 1990 PSU ring
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Thread: Found and returned 1990 PSU ring

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    Nov 2007
    North East,Pa
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    Found and returned 1990 PSU ring

    Really weird find and return. Was hunting a soccer field around Beltzville Lake and found this heavy Penn State 10k man's ring. Started off the day really really PO'd because some scumbag loser had just hunted these fields within the past couple of days and left literally HUNDREDS of holes. Beltzville already has strict rules governing metal detecting and it is no doubt because of d'bags like this. Anyway...the ring was inscribed and i had very little trouble tracking down the owner who said he lost it approximately 3 years ago. It was a gift to him from his wife upon his graduation. I told him he was lucky because the guy who left all the holes before me had dug at least 7 targets all around this ring. He probably didn't bother with this one because it came in as a high pulltab. Anyway, the guy who lost the ring seemed less than excited about getting it back. 2 weeks later he finally met me and it was like i was burdening him. Not gracious at all and a really really strange countenance about him. The best is after i handed him the ring he says 'I'm short on cash but do you want some?'. I wasn't really looking for anything but people sometimes let me down. I know if i had lost something like that and someone returned it to me i would have at the very least shown up with a $5 bottle of wine for them. Oh well...i did the right thing and somewhere in the universe my Karma reserve hopefully went up just a little.
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    Jun 2008
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    Unreal (owner's attitude) but you did the right thing and gained a lot of karma along the way The-Bone. Thanks for sharing...
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    Feb 2008
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    What a let down on all accounts!! GOSH! Yes, your positive karma is through the roof right now. Keep it up.
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    Jun 2012
    Evensville, Tennessee
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    Many years ago I returned a ring to a guy in Murfreesboro TN where I lived at the time. It had literally been stolen before I was even born. The jerk spent more time questioning me about where I actually got the ring than showing any appreciation for it's return. Oh well, doing the right thing is still the right thing. Congrats on a good find, and thanks for keeping our hobby in a good light.

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    Feb 2011
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    Very nice of you, thebone!
    Maybe the guys life is so bad, that your gesture wasn't even enough, to lift him out of it?
    I have a friend(in another state) who has to make choices of using her gas, to go eat at a friends house, or go to the doctor and get her meds. Some ppl are in really poor shape, right now.
    still not an excuse and SOME form of gratitude, should have been forthcoming. At least a cheerful attitude and a humble thank you.
    You did good! May it come back to you ten-fold! Blessings!
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    Sep 2012
    36 times
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    Hopefully, doing the right thing will come back to you in time. It's odd how some people are...you can get both sides of the extremes. I had a guy send me 20.00 for tracking him down after I found one of his disc golfs when I was out playing. I didn't ask or want anything....located him on a message board an mailed it to him. About 1 week later 20.00 came in a letter in the mail with a thank you. Wasn't expecting that. I gave lost my share and hate when they don't get returned...lol. Than you have the other side the guy/gal that will steal from their own brother...lol

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    Jan 2009
    South East Tennessee on Ga, Ala line
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    I think what you did was honorable. Do not let one person get you down for doing a good deed..
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    Sep 2008
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    You definitely did the right thing. Had a young man do the same to me after I found his wedding ring in a grass area next to a basketball court upon request. Acted so ho hum, not even a thank you. But karma came back to me when I answered an ad on Craigslist about finding a lost promise ring. Silver with a microscopic diamond chip. She was happy like she had won the lottery!

    Karma will come back to you.

    HI BOB!

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    Nov 2007
    North East,Pa
    Ace 250, Whites Silver Eagle, BHID,M6,CZ21
    19 times
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    i can assure you this was not his situation...i found him on linkdn and know where he works and that he is a civil engineer....just a strange bird

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    Mar 2013
    368 times
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    Quote Originally Posted by The-Bone View Post
    i can assure you this was not his situation...i found him on linkdn and know where he works and that he is a civil engineer....just a strange bird
    Strange bird? Engineer? Hmmm

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    Jan 2012
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    Nov 2008
    long island ny
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    I use to live near Beltsville and often think about going back to metal detect the lake when the water is drained. Do you ever find anything by the swimming area? You did the right thing, by the way. I always found people in that area to be a little unfriendly

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    May 2013
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    Great Job - You will be rewarded some how/some way - You, my friend are a good man!!!
    Trying to find the lost ~

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    Aug 2013
    Western, WV
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    The best part is you did a good thing and it will come back to you 10 fold.

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    Mar 2003
    Eastern NY
    White's Spectrum
    198 times
    As both a PSU engineering alumnus and metal detectorist, I didn't enjoy hearing the outcome of this thread too much. He should have thanked the OP profusely for the return and bought him a beer or two, even if he's dirt poor. After all, he just had a large gold ring returned to him. The only explanation can be that he didn't realize it was lost, and somehow thought you stole it out of his house. Creepy, and not fair to the OP at all.


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