DFX and SE pro training day
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    Feb 2008
    DuPage County, IL
    DFX and now a new Minelab Explorer SE Pro

    DFX and SE pro training day

    Got out for an hour or so before dinner at the school's field at the head of the street. Wanted to compare the new SE pro's sounds and display to my good ol' DFX. So I tracked targets with the DFX than ran the SE over them to compare. I tried to dig only good targets. So I landed up with 1D, 1N, 1Q and 1P. All clad, but that area of the school is new and redone several times. Dug only one trash target, I should know when the DFX shows $1 its gonna be junk. lol

    The idea that the learning curve of the SE is large sure is true. Waaaaay different from the DFX. And tonite it poured here, probably mud tomorrow. But Wed its off to SoFL to visit the daughter for a week. Both detectors are going, lol. Beaches, here I come. Pull tab heaven !!!!!!
    Never argue with a pig, you'll only get muddy and besides, the pig likes it !!  And vote the BUMS out !

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    Jul 2003
    Fishers 1235X-8" CZ-20/21-8" F-70-11"DD GC1023
    62 times

    Re: DFX and SE pro training day

    You bring back some of that SoFlo gold Dave! Go get it!

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    Let's go diggin!!!

    Dec 2009
    G P, Illinois
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    396 times
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    Re: DFX and SE pro training day

    Have fun in pull tab heaven Dave. If you hit it big at the beach bring back some sand to throw in the school yard for luck. $1 on the DFX means your not going to pull a silver dollar. HH DFW

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    Apr 2008
    Moronica, northwest of Chicago.
    E-trac & Bounty Hunter Land Star
    23 times

    Re: DFX and SE pro training day

    I'm glad you're starting to use the SE, Dave!

    Have a safe trip & good luck on the beaches!!!

    While you're there, advise your daughter that she's been chosen to host the Illinois T-Net winter hunt next January.
    God bless our veterans! Thank you for your sacrifices!

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    Dec 2009
    pisgah forest, n.c.
    minelab e-trac and equinox 800
    45 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Re: DFX and SE pro training day

    good luck on those beaches dave



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