Dell Winders is gone
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Thread: Dell Winders is gone

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    Dell Winders is gone

    Dell Winders passed away today, July 15, 2019. This has been posted elsewhere on TNet, but the LRL forums are where Dell called home.

    Dell & I had many heated debates over LRLs and were often very rude toward each other on the forums. Several years ago I told Dell I was done, and despite my skepticism toward LRLs I would no longer engage with him on the forums. We agreed to disagree and let it go.

    In the past year or so his living situation had become dire and his health was failing. Last November I was in Tallahassee visiting family so I drove down to Auburndale and dropped in on Dell, very much uninvited. I was shocked at Dell's living conditions; he was a half-step from homelessness, living in a cargo trailer. The door was open, I knocked and he said "come in." He had no idea who I was, and when I introduced myself he was absolutely floored. We shook hands, buried the hatchet, and I stayed the rest of the day with him talking treasure, dowsing, LRLs, Big Pharma, and lots of other things. I ran out for some food, and gave him some other assistance. When I left that evening it was with the sad realization that a man with an incredibly fascinating life was destined to end it alone and destitute.

    I've been wanting to get back for another visit and just a week ago I called the RV park where he lives to check in on him because he had been silent since March. Everything was reported to be fine, but it appears that he took a sudden turn for the worse. I'm glad it was not a long drawn-out ordeal -- Dell absolutely despised Big Pharma and didn't want to end up where he did.

    Though I disagreed with him regarding his LRLs, I can say without hesitation that Dell passionately believed in everything he was doing. There was never any intent to mislead anyone. He certainly had a colorful life with many accomplishments and deserved a far better ending than he got.

    I believe it, therefore it is true.

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    Thanks for that eulogy, Carl. I remember those days. Good to visit with you again. And good on you for following what I call "the Spirit" and checking in on Dell. That was class act. And a Kindness I'm sure Dell pondered and mused upon until his all aboard was heard and he climbed on the Glory Express and left on his own terms.

    Megan "YellowRose" Chick
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    May he Rest In Peace.

    Carl, I have read hundreds of your posts here and there on forums. Lots of good information and well supported opinions.

    This post does you credit. So easy for us to forget that those whose opinions and beliefs differ from ours are the same beings as ourselves, just folks trying to maker their way in a sometimes hard world. Thanks
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    Carl you are a kind and thoughtful person as well as others who posted above.
    Taking the time to show respect is indeed virtuous. Thank you for letting us know.
    May Dell Rest In Peace for the long hard road he traveled. My prayers go out to his family.
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    We are not what we take, we are what we leave.

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    Dell had lots of friends on tnet and other forums in the treasure hunting world, he was a really smart, cool guy and will be missed.... RIP Dell
    Your dowsing friend,
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    "Let Thy Hand, Oh God, guide me through the ways Thou seest are needed for those that seek to know Thy way through any effort of mine."

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    Carl, thank you very much for your post...I very much have enjoyed your "discussions" with Dell over the years...Will miss them...
    Better Living Thru Chemistry
    Live Long, and Prosper

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    Today is Dell's birthday. August 21, 1933
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