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Thread: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

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    Dec 2010

    Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    I was recently told about a corporation called Holy Stones Incorporated operating in Arizona being involved in mining and treasure hunting operation. I was told this corporation has secret ties to the Trilateral Commission, the Vatican, and a Neo Nazi group in Germany. My informant claims to be a disgruntled member of the nine man group who form this corporation. He has supplied me with the four secret logos for the corporation, and a copy of a report that was generated for the corporation about Walter Gassler, the Lost Dutchman Mine, and a second Dutchman mine dubbed the Dutchman's La Barge Punisher, which I have never heard of. The informant tells me the corporation's official logos are two medallions poured from gold removed from the Punisher mine. My request is if there is anyone who is an expert on the Walter Gassler story who is willing to look at the report and render an openion. I do not want to publish the report here because I do not own the report. As I said it has been given to me by an informant. Can anyone help?

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    Aug 2007
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    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    ya give the report back and forget you ever saw it ,... that would help ...
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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    It is a 14 page report.

    It is titled "An official position of Holy Stones Incorporated (HIS)".

    It states it is the official position of HSI concerning the Lost Dutchman mine, and a second Dutchman mine dubbed the Dutchman's La Barge Punisher mine.

    There are 13 questions stated which are then answered one-at-a-time and in order.

    According to the informant a study group did extensive research on each of the questions. The answers are based on that research.

    I would not be showing you the complete report. I'll give you just question 12.

    "Which of the following is more likely
    A.) Walter Gassler died before using his solution to locate what he thought to be the LDM,
    B.) Walter Gassler died after using his solution to locating what he thought to be the LDM?"

    Of the 14 page report only 3 and 1/2 are for answering this question. So I would only be showing you these 3 and a 1/2 pages.

    Part of the answer given in the report depends on information that supposedly came from Gassler family members. That is the part I have specific questions about.

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    Dec 2005
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    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request


    For a little more insight into this topic, you might try here:


    Take care,

    Joe Ribaudo
    " Hell, I was there!" Elmer Keith
    "There is an ancient proverb that says a man can never forgive you for a wrong he has done you." From a wise friend.

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    Aug 2007
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    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    Quote Originally Posted by cactusjumper

    For a little more insight into this topic, you might try here:


    Take care,

    Joe Ribaudo
    thank you for posting this data joe , that just earn you a pass ...lol not ... when are you ever going to lern joe .. lol

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    Oh my God! I did not know all that info about the Knights Templar and Holy Stones Inc. I did however know some VERY, VERY disturbing info about these people from my grandfather Delmar Knight. He just recently passed away. You might find this info VERY interesting also.

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    The informant says $75,000.00 dollars so far has been invested by
    two German groups. My informant says there was a big
    blow up between the 9 original members of Holy Stones Inc.
    having to do with half of the group headed by treasure hunter
    Rick Gwynne not getting their shair of the 75 grand, and not
    having direct access to the safety deposit box.

    The other half of the original 9 members is head by Emory Taylor.
    He is also the president of Holy Stones Inc., and is the only one
    with direct access to the safety deposit box and the two German
    groups. According to the informant the group headed by Rick
    Gwynne has be demoted to only a 10% shair of the corp. I do not
    know exactly who the informant is, but my guess is he is from
    Rick Gwynne's group.

    You are correct! The two coins with the four logos are copies of
    original drawing owned by a secret society in europe. Two of the
    drawings are the "head" and "tail" of a coin called the prophecy
    coin. One of the prophercy has already come true. It is the one
    of the German holy stones having been brought from Italy to
    America and discovered in a hidding place in the Superstition
    mountains. The second prophercy is the assassination, which is
    yet to come true. The other two drawings are the "head" and
    "tail" of a coin called the End Time coin. It is somehow
    connected to a undergound valt discovered by Chuck Crawford
    back in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

    My informant is to get back with me today. He says he also took
    pictures of outline for the story each of the logos represent.
    He also has pictures of Rick Gwynne and others when some of the
    German holy stones were found on a mining claim owned by Holy
    Stones Inc. So I should be getting that today.

    One other thing. The informant says it was C. Treewood who led
    an expedition into the Superstitions following the Gassler report
    and located gold ore or treasure. He isn't sure which. But a
    large sum of the 75 grand was used to buy equipment to melt down
    the gold and pour it into molds of the logo coins. He says 13
    pairs of coins were made. He says each coin is 13 troy oz of
    platinum and gold. He says he suspects the reason there were 13
    pairs of coins made is because there is a secret inner group
    having 13 members.

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    The Secret Medallion post is also about the Dutchman and government conspiracy.

    Head side of the End Time Coin

    As the wheel of fortune turns fortunes change. Some for the better and some for the worse. The skull in the keyhole is a warning to the unworthy of their fate should they use the key in an attempt to open the lock. All of the other symbols are religious in nature and connected to mankind and the emergence of civilization. The lock conceals great wealth and secret knowledge concerning God, man, religion, and civilization. This wealth and knowledge will be obtained by the worthy initiate during the end time when they key is turned and Alpha becomes Omega.

    Note that this is not much of an explanation.
    1. How do the 13 symbols concern religion, mankind, and the emergence of civilization?
    2. Is the lock symbolic or is there an actual container (such as a safe or something similar) that has to be opened?
    3. Correct me if Iím wrong, but there are two keys on this side of the coin, which one opens the lock?
    4. Where are these two keys located?

    Tail side of the end time coin

    Illuminati, Trilateral, Bilderburg join forces with secret scientific sect to keep a Cathar treasure from the Roman Catholic church because the pope wants it destroyed. Since the 666 is the flames of the pyre, and the pyre was a tool of the Roman Catholics, this symbolism means Satan has infiltrated the Roman Catholic church.

    This is not much of an explanation.
    1. Nothing is said about the feathers of the wings and tail represent 3 sets of 13, and also the feathers on the neck are 3.
    2. How do we know that the 3 sets of 13 are the Illuminati, Trilateral, and Bilderburg?
    3. Nothing is said about the breastplate of the Phoenix being the symbol for Bruno, who was burned in a pyre by the Roman Catholis church because of his scientific beliefs.
    4. The symbolism clearly suggest that secret organizations, and secret knowledge, both of which the Catholic church tried to suppress in the past, has survived, and will come into prominence. But what secret organizations, and what knowledge?

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    Head of the Prophecy coin

    Obviously it is an assassination of a political leader who is a warrior (evidenced by his sward). He has world dominance or is attempting it (evidenced by his Loral leaf crown). He is supported by the United Nations (evidenced by the UN symbol on his belt buckle). He is supported by the Vatican (evidenced by the Vatican symbol on his breast). He is either the head of or supported by the Trilateral commission (evidenced by the Trilateral commission symbol on the curtain, it may be a Trilateral building). The assassin is either a member of a Black Cross organization or hired by one (evidenced by his black cross necklace). He is also Jewish or hired by them (evidenced by the Jewish assassin dagger). The map on the wall is an astronomy map showing the constellation Draco and the alien home galaxy NCG5866. America figures into the equation because of the 13 stars.

    This is not much of an explanation.
    1. Where is this assassination to happen?
    2. When is this assassination to happen?
    3. What are the reasons for the assassination?
    4. Is there an alliance with aliens?

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    Tail side of the Prophecy coin

    This event has already come true. No need to over analyze the symbolism. It is about the German Holy Grail, also called the German Holy Stones, written about by Wolfram von Eschenboch. It is also about hoe the stones got to America (by the Zeno expedition to Orkney Island, and by the Sinclair - Zeno expedition to Canada and America) It is also about the stones being brought to the Superstition mountains by the Sinclair colonists.

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    Holy Stones Inc. is top heavy with former government agents. Remember Holy Stones Inc is divided into two groups. One headed by Emory Taylor and the other headed by treasure hunter Rick Gwynne.

    Group 1
    Emory Taylor, who is the head of Holy Stones Inc, use to work on government weapons projects.
    Mogens Kiehn was a resistance fighter in WWII, then a Nazi hunter, then NSA, CIA, FBI.
    Calvin Treewood was an NSA operative.
    Beryl Nicholas was a clerk on project Blue Book.

    Group 2
    Rich Gwynne long time treasure hunter and friend of Bob Ward.
    James Whitehead a treasure hunter and former military man.
    Gary Smith is a treasure hunter.
    Marshall Hiad is a friend of Rick Gwynne and is a treasure hunter.

    The ninth member is unknown to my informant but is thought to be a representative of a secret society in Germany having something to do with the Masonic orders and the Neo Nazis.

    The German holy stones, which were moved from northern Italy to Orkney Island and then to Nova Scotia and then America and then to Superstition mountain, came into possession of prospector, treasure hunter, and silver miner Henry Burns. He had mining claims starting in the 1940 until the 1960s. He hid the holy stones on his mining claim, which are now referred to as the Burns Ranch.

    The Burns Ranch treasure troves is a well known story in the area. Henry Burns was shot dead for the treasures, and put a curse on them before he died. Helen Burns was tortured and then shot twice in the head. She was with an infamous treasure hunter named Crazy Jake. Carry Ballard was shot dead when looking for the Burns Ranch treasure with Lloyd Sutton. A guy nicknamed Black Bart whose name was Chuck Crawford found the holy stones at the Burns Ranch. This was witnessed by his security guard Bert Morrison. Crawford took the holy stones home. He returned a couple weeks later with what Morrison thought were small coffee cans wrapped in plastic grocery bags. Crawford sent Morrison to town and then he buried the plastic wrapped coffee cans. They contained the holy stones.

    Of course the coffee cans would set off a metal detector. But Crawford hid them un bags of trash which he had also brought with him. He had the trash hidden in the box of his pickup truck which had a camper shell on it. According to my informant Emory Taylor learned of the holy stones when he was contracted by Crawford to write Crawfordís biography. Taylor naturally spoke to all the people who knew Crawford. This included Morrison. He told Taylor about the holy stones. Taylor later learned only half of the holy stones were hidden at the Burns Ranch. The other half were hidden at Crawfordís home.

    At the time Crawford was divorcing his fourth wife Darlene Rushton. Crawford, who during this time suffered from a bad heart condition which in about a years time killed him, had to use a walker and wheelchair to get around. His home office was not attached to the house. It was part of a double garage that had been converted to a single garage and an office with a lab. He noticed his wife Darlene and Taylor often disappeared when he was napping. He checked up on them. Using the walker he went out to the office. He looked thru the window and saw them having oral sex. But the heard him approaching and before he could get to the door they got their pants pulled up and pretended they were just talking.
    The next day Crawford caught his wife Darlene going about the house knocking on the walls trying to find secret compartments where Crawford may have hidden treasure or money. Crawford had caught her doing this before and had told her then that if he caught her doing it again he would kick her out and divorce her. Thatís exactly what he did when he caught her doing this for the second time.

    According to my informant, Rushton told Taylor she heard strange sounds when knocking on the wall between the office and the lab. When Taylor stayed at Crawfordís place before he got a woman named Sharon Berchok as his live in care provider, Taylor opened up the wall and found half of the holy stones, which he shared with Rushton. It was after talking to Morrison, and after establishing Holy Stones Inc. and after filing a mining claim, called Holy Stones, at the Burns Ranch, that Taylor searched the Burns Ranch with Rick Gwynne for the remaining holy stone.

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    Man in black hat is Emory taylor
    Man in blue shirt is James Whitehead
    Man in gree shirt is Rick Gwynne.
    All pictures provided by the informant
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    There is other info I need to point out. Beryl Nicholas, besides having worked for project Blue Book, was also the manager of the Superstition Inn, also known as the Grand Hotel. He was personal friends with Charles Kenworthy, Ted DeGrazzia, Llyod Sutton, Crazy Jake, and Charles Crawford (Black Bart), and others. My informant says Crawford back in the 1980s gave Nicholas 13 small gold nuggets from a secret place in La Barge canyon. Doesnít that sound familiar! The phoenix on the tail side of the end time coin has 13 feathers on it right wing, and 13 feathers on its left wing, and 13 feathers on its tail. And all 4 sides of the 2 coins have 13 symbols. And the gold and platinum from the expedition led by Treewood based on the Gassler report was poured into 13 sets of coins or medallions, however you want to say it. Why did Crawford give Nicholas way back in the 1980s?

    I personally believe a dark and secret alliance, which Iím calling the DSA (for dark and secret alliance), has materialized and taken root in Arizona and the Superstition mountains. I personally believe the DSA is head by three individuals from three organizations because there are three feathers on the neck of the Phoenix on the tail side of the end time coin. Iím sure Holy Stones Inc. headed by Emory Taylor is one of the groups and individuals. Iím sure Manfred F. Biewer, Grand Prior of Germany, of the Mansic order of Knights Templar is one of the groups and individuals. Iím not sure of the third group and individual.

    Note that the eye of the Phoenix is the all-seeing-eye that appears on the back of the dollar bill. This no doubt represents the New World Order. Since the three feathers, meaning the three groups headed by the three individuals, are on the neck of the Phoenix, doesnít that mean the DSA is empowered by the New World Order?

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    Iím getting emails claiming there are dangerous people reading the posts at this website. That they are murders and will kill me if I keep posting my information. In the emails it is claim a Mr. Davis is the head of these killers.

    It is also being claimed in the emails that my info is a bunch of BS! So I will tell you this.
    Holy Stones Inc is a real corporation and you can look them up at the AZ Corp. Commission website.
    Holy Stones is a real mining claim and you can look it up at the BLM and the Pinal County Recorders office.
    The story of the German Holy Grail also called the German holy stones can be found in the published work called Parzival by Wolfram Von Eschenbach.
    The story about the German grail, the holy stones, is also in the published work of Otto Rahn called Crusade Against the Grail: the Struggle between the Cathaes, the Templars, and the Church of Rome.
    The story of Otto Rahn being an SS officer during WWII and sent in search of the German grail by SS chief Heinrich Himmler is common knowledge. LOOK IT UP anywhere on the internet.
    The story of a voyage by the Zenos of Italy with the Sinclairs of Orkney Island is a hotly contested subject centering around the Zeno Narrative. Some believe it is false and others believe it is true. There are numerous published books about it and websites about it. Look it up.
    The story of Knights Templar in America is everywhere on the internet and in published books. Try these two: The Lost Coloney of the Templars, and Templars in America.
    If you think this is BS then you have not done your research!
    The story of the Burns Ranch has been published in local newspapers. The Pinal Visitor by David Henchliffe did several stories on it in the 1990s. The Territorial News has just recently published stories about Crawford, the Burns Ranch, and the Holy Grail.

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    Dec 2010

    Re: Dutchman & government conspiracy Request

    One Million Dollar Reward
    Thatís what my informant tells me is on the line. Thatís what the German group is offering for a dore bar made from one of the German holy stones that was hidden in the Superstitions by the Sinclair-Zeno colonists. Its called the ďDeity StoneĒ according to my informant.

    The story is that Crawford had found an ancient trail that goes from the Burns Ranch to La Barge canyon. From this trail you can see two other trails used to get to La Barge canyon. It also crosses what the Apache Indians had told Burns was a Thunder Ground where foreign voices are heard. Crawford hadnít taken enough water and began and began to dehydrate as he reached the Thunder Ground. Once there he gave himself up for dead. An angle appeared and told him directions to a pool of cold water with a Trout swimming in it. Crawford inspired and encouraged by the angle made it to the water. It was ice cold. He drank his fill and filled up his canteens. He saw the Trout but left it swimming in the pool. As he started off for his mining claims at La Barge Crawford heard voices in a foreign language. He searched about and found a black bar. The voices were emanating from the black bar. He put the black bar in his backpack and went to his mining claims. He climbed up to his Deity mining claim and buried the black bar there. He would always go to his Deity claim to commune with God.

    Crawford made a 1 and Ĺ hour long video about how God had ordained him and made him his messenger, and how he always went to the Deity claim to receive messages from God. This tape is currently owned by Greg Davis and the Historical Society. It is part of Crawfordís biography written by Emory Taylor. Taylor transcribed it and made it book 3 in the Crawford biography. You can read it on the internet at www.trilogy.threethirteens.com . This stone bar called the Deity Stone is different then the holy stones from the Burns Ranch. Because it never had the curse on it like the ones at the Burns Ranch did. Remember Burns put a curse on his treasure troves before he died because he knew he had been murdered for them. Thatís why the Deity Stone is the only one that you can still hear the voices coming from. It doesnít have a curse on it like the others have. Thatís why the German group wants it back and is willing to pay ONE MILLION DOLLARS for it.


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