Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-
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    Dec 2005
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    Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    I have a feeling that there are some pretty diverse opinions on this mine (No duh, Jeffro!)- and I thought it'd be good if everyone had the same references to go by. Maybe I've got some you don't and vice versa- Feel free to add your own, if you wish.

    I've got too many to list all at once, so I'll do it over the next few days.

    Here's a start-

    Official records-

    Declaration of intent to become a citizen of the United States, Nov. 12 1848, circuit court, Natchez, Adams county Mississippi.

    J.W.Walls is listed in census of Oct 27, 1850 for city and county of Sacremento, p. 171

    Jacob Walls is listed in census of July 24, 1860 for county of Los Angeles, Azusa township, dwelling No. 227, LA, Calif. ledger, p 278

    Application for US citizenship LA Calif. Federal court records, record book no. 89, p 155, first district, July 19, 1861 Los Angeles

    Jacob Waltz staked "Big Rebel" mining claim, Walnut Grove mining district of AZ. Sept 14, 1864 Yavapi county book of mines, book B, Yavapai county recorder's office, Prescott.

    Registration of "Big Rebel" Jan 8, 1865, Yavapai county books of mines, book B pp 44-46 Yavapai county recorders office, Prescott

    Petition to Governor John N. Goodwin for protection against the Indians, March 11, 1864, State library, archives and public records, Phoenix

    Jacob Waltz is listed in the special AZ territorial census of 1864, US senate document #13, 89th congress, 1st session, 1865 Wash. DC

    Jacob Waly [sic] filed on the "General Grant" mining claim, Jan 8, 1865 Yavapai county book of mines book B pp 155-156 Yavapai county recorders office, Prescott

    Jacob Waltz, claim for 160 acres of land April 1868 Reords of the US Land Office, Florence, AZ

    Jacob Waltz, improvements on 160 acres of land, April 1868, property valuation list of assessment rolls of Yavapai county, AZ for 1868, Prescott, p 53

    Jacob Waltz is listed in the 9th US census for for the year of 1870 and the 10th census for the year 1880

    Jacob Waltz is listed on Registration of voters for 1861 to 1891, Register of Voters, Maricopa county, AZ

    Affidavit of Jacob Waltz, Maricopa county, AZ recorder's office, Book 1 of misc records, March 21, 1872, Phoenix, p 107

    Agreement between George M. Willing Jr., and Miguel Peralta, March 12 1874, Yavapai county AZ recorder's office, book 1 of misc records, Prescott pp 93-94

    Jacob Waltz is listed in the great register of Maricopa county, AZ, for 1876, 1882, and 1886, Phoenix

    Deed, Jacob Waltz to Andrew Starar, Maricopa county, AZ records of deeds, book 3, Aug 8 1878, Phoenix, pp 222-224

    Divorce action, Julia Thomas versus Emil W. Thomas, Divorce action # 1367, dated Oct. 9 1891, records room of clerk of court, Maricopa county, AZ. Phoenix, book M4, p 519

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    Dec 2005
    Eugene, Oregon
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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    Anonymous sources-

    Story of Don Peralta and his mexican mine located near the Nopal and Armstrong lodes in the Black Canyon Placer country- Arizona Miner Sept. 7-21, 1864, Prescott

    Superstition seeker: a man wants to find the wonderful wealth- Phoenix weekly herald, Dec. 5 1879, p1 col.3

    Wonderful wealth: startling strike near Superstition mountain- ibid. p1, col 4

    Foul murder: a mexican killed by a supposed friend- Arizona daily gazette, June 18, 1884, Phoenix

    After the high tide- Phoenix daily herald, Feb 20, 1891, p 1 col 5

    Obituary of Jacob Waltz, ibid. Oct 26, 1891, p3, col 1

    Obit of Jacob Waltz, Arizona daily gazette, Oct 27, 1891, Phoenix

    A #@!$%#@! quest: another lost mine being hunted by a woman- Arizona weekly gazette, Sept 1, 1892, Phoenix

    Rich nuggets from superstitions, AZ Daily gazette, Oct and Dec, 1893, Phoenix

    Story of Peralta's and Doc George M Willing- AZ gazette 1899, phoenix

    Rich strike made in lost dutchman AZ daily gazette Aug 20 1920, phoenix

    Destruction of ancient race is told by chieftain- AZ gazette July 24, 1931 Phoenix p1 col 8; p8 col 2

    Superstition mountain tales revived- AZ Republic, july 26 1931, Phoenix sec 3, p 6, cols. 5-8

    Possible murder of Adolph Ruth, Aged easterner, seen- ibid., Dec. 31 1931

    Trio seek mine in superstitions- ibid., Nov 16, 1932, p8, col 1

    Woman tells of being prisoner at Lost Dutchman, decade ago- ibid., June 8, 1934

    Mountain range, rich in romance- Casa Grande (AZ) dispatch, Nov.30, 1934, p3

    Lost Dutchman is found in nameless pioneer grave, at gold quest trails end- Phoenix gazette, July 26, 1935

    Williams escapes superstitions, appears weak, happy with gold- ibid., Jan 8,9, 1935 Phoenix

    Fable of lost mine retold- ibid., April 10, 1935

    Fabled superstition gold will be sought by pioneer James E Bark- ibid., Dec 12 1937

    Superstition gold mine discovered- ibid., March 26-28, 1940

    Still hunting for superstition mountains hoard of gold- LA herald-examiner (American weekly supplement) April 13, 1941

    Life termer claims to hold secret of lost dutchman- Phoenix gazette, May 7 1941, sec1, p 6, cols 6-7

    Ghost of the southwest- AZ Republic, aug. 17, 1941, Phoenix

    Namesake of Jacob Waltz may join 1943 Don's trek- Phoenix gazette, march 22, 1942

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    Dec 2005
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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    Heheheh! the "#@!$%#@!" above is "q u e e r"

    Ya know, it did used to be a word that didn't mean gay, LOL!

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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    some nice information jeffro thankyou
    You can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you just might find, you get what you need- Mick Jagger

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    Dec 2005
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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    More anonymous references-

    Grandma hunting lost gold mine- Rocky mountain News Jan. 24 1947, Denver p 1, cols 1-3

    Grandmothers trek for lost mine aided- AZ Republic Jan 26, 1947 Phoenix, p5, cols 1-2

    Road workers discover mysterious gold mine- ibid., April 6 1947

    Long search abandoned for missing prospector who searched for old spanish mine- ibid., June 15, 1947

    Hikers find man's bones- ibid., Feb 21 1948 p1 col 8

    Party seeking lost gold mine- Oakland tribune, april 17, 1949, p A19, cols 4-5

    Lost mystery mine legend revived- LA times April 10, 1950 p 26

    Sale of "authentic" lost dutchman maps- Western folklore quarterly vol 9, no.4, Oct 1950 University of california press, Berkeley pp78-79

    Waltz and Weiser most crafty of early AZ prospectors- AZ Republic Dec. 20, 1953, Phoenix, sec 6, p 2, cols 4-6

    Geronimo linked to gold's secret- ibid., Dec 22, 1953, p 27, cols 2-3

    AZ search for lost dutchman's- Time June 22, 1959, Time, inc. NY pp 17-18

    Lost dutchman mine facts are clarified (letter)- AZ republic june 24 1959, Phoenix

    Mystery maps to lost gold mine- Life vol 56, no.24, june 12, 1964, Time, inc. NY pp 90-95

    Dutchman mine found, hunters say- Phoenix gazette, april 29, 1966 sec 1, p 1, col 2

    Lost dutchman found, says oklahoman- Seattle post intelligencer may, 1966

    Lost dutchman reported found: twice in different places- Western Treasures vol 2, no 6, aug 1966 p 8

    Mystery of the dutchmans lost mine- Gold vol 1, no 1, 1969 western publications, austin texas, p 82. Reprint from AZ daily star, jan 18 1956, Tucson

    Old peralta maps guide party to seven gold bars- Treasure hunters yearbook Eureka press, Odessa TX, 1970 1971, pp 44-45

    Lost dutchman found, Floridan says- AZ republic, Dec 13, 1970, Phoenix

    Lost dutchman updated, flower children not immune to gold fever- Casa grande (AZ) Dispatch March 8 1971

    Search for fabled mine to continue- Evening outlook, Aug 24, 1971, Santa Monica California

    Lost dutchman legend lives on- LA Herald-examiner, feb 27 1972

    Lure of gold in fabled superstition mtns. of AZ begets murder: Lost Dutchman claims another victim- Western mining and industrial news vol 27, no 7, july 1959 Sonora CA p 1

    AZ bureau of mines, superstition gold, n.d. Phoenix

    AZ dept. of economics and development- Ghost towns and lost treasures in AZ (pamphlet) n.d. phoenix

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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    wow - that's a crapload of references. I'm just a beginner in this whole mess, so I don't really have anything to add at this point. Nice of you to share your research with us though!
    "There is no getting away from a treasure that once fastens upon your mind" - Joseph Conrad (Nostromo)

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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    Quote Originally Posted by Cubfan64
    wow - that's a crapload of references. I'm just a beginner in this whole mess, so I don't really have anything to add at this point. Nice of you to share your research with us though!
    Its not mine actually- it comes from a bibliography I bought some years back. It has gangs of references to all sorts of stuff all over the west.

    I still have 6 or 7 pages of references of the LDM.... there's a bunch of stuff to wade through!

    Next is books, magazine articles, newspaper articles, etc. but author specific.

    If anyone is interested in the bibliography, its about 40 bucks used, and worth it. Its called "Lost Mines and buried Treasures of the west" by Thomas Probert, University of CA press, 1977
    ISBN: 0-520-03327-2

    No stories, just references- buttloads of them. About 600 pages worth.

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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    Don't let BB see this.

    Destruction of ancient race is told by chieftain- AZ gazette July 24, 1931 Phoenix p1 col 8; p8 col 2

    Don Jose de La Mancha

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    Re: Lost Dutchman / Peralta references-

    Aug. 20, 1913 A.F. Banta writes to: "Editor The Observer, St. Johns, Arizona.......Suffice it to say, those placers have never been rediscovered to this day.......The above is the story in brief of the "'Lost Dutchman,'" which has been known to me for many years..."

    Alfred Franklin Banta was a pioneer in Arizona, and believed the LDM was a placer mine. Probably one of the most important men, in respect to finding the LDM, also believed it was a placer deposit. That man was a carpenter named Frank who built a dry washer for Waltz.

    Joe Ribaudo
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