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Thread: Waltz and known facts, not stories

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    I agree with you here. The only way to know which "clue" or story is accurate is when the "mine" or site is actually discovered.

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    Mar 2013
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    This is a very interesting point that you make. I've been wondering about this for quite a while. Personally I think there's a lot more to the story that we don't know about. I understand that not all men are ambitious and just want to live a quiet life, but it seems odd to me. Another thing that seems odd to me is the name the lost Dutchman. Is it because he was actually Dutch, or because he was lost, as in a lost soul? It isn't difficult for someone of Dutch descent to speak German.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deducer View Post
    I am of the belief that what the two soldiers found, and what Joe Deering stumbled across, was something related to the LDM, if not the LDM itself. There's a reason why the two soldiers and Deering speak of a trick in the trail, but Waltz doesn't. But you have to be out there in the canyon to see it.

    My conclusions don't just come from reading the stories, it comes from getting out there into the mountains (my favorite part), putting foot to ground, doing my research, talking to people, and not ruling anything out. None of my conclusions have come from poring over google maps.
    To hike out there and talking to people , it's not enough to find the LDMines and whatever you are interested . It will take you just few decades to understand these are not enough . There you need maps and skills to read them , and anything else which could help you , including google maps and topo maps . You need all the " weapons " so to speak , which could help you . Never say is enough this and are worthless the other .
    Now , I post a picture of the spot ( not from google maps ) which Waltz used to speak about to Holmes and in the German clues as " saddle " . If you ever hiking those mountains , see this image , then turn to the north , pass through the hole and climb down to the LD mines .

    Name:  saddle.jpg
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    If your true to your heart, you will never go wrong. The truth is the truth, no matter how you look at it, and in every treasure story and legend there is a grain of truth. It's up to your spirit and heart to know the difference. NP

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    heres a fact. Deutschland means Germany. if your from there your Deutsch (pronounced like doych). so Jacob waltz was from Germany or Deutschland. therefore he is the lost Deutschman . NOT Dutchman. that's Holland. IMO. and mostly fact

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    That gold mine isnt meant to be found
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