Lost a necklace (golden thin square pendant) in 2006 in Venice Beach
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Thread: Lost a necklace (golden thin square pendant) in 2006 in Venice Beach

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    Aug 2017
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    Lost a necklace (golden thin square pendant) in 2006 in Venice Beach

    Hi everyone,

    I lost this necklace that was REALLY dear to me 11 years ago as I was jumping in a wave in Venice beach, while I was travelling to Los Angeles. I know it was a long time ago but I am sure someone must have found it. I don't care about the necklace, I want the pendant which is a small thin golden square with a Persian writing in the middle (خدا).

    If you can help me find it, I would appreciate it so so so so much. I will give $1000 to anyone who can bring it back to me.

    Thank you!!!


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    Thank you for your post, Kaveh. You are correct in that someone may have already found the pendant or it may be on the bottom of the ocean. I think it would help to indicate the exact area where you were swimming when you lost the pendant. Is there a landmark that one can reference? Were you in front of a hotel or rental house, or near a lifeguard station? I know it was a long time ago, but any information will help those interested in helping you.
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    Calif, the lost item post you are replying to is a year old already.
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    Interesting. I got one like this years ago in Ocean City Md. Little rectangle with Persian? writing.



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