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    May 2009
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    Mining Technology

    Hey guys. I am wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on some classes worth taking involving Mining Technology? Living in Eastern Kentucky provides me with good opportunity to learn more about this field and am open to suggestions. I believe that Swiz is a geologist and am wondering what would be a good starting point when jumping into this field. Would love to know where to look when dealing with certain Universities and what they have to offer over some others - some pro's and con's if you will. Any and all information is greatly appreciated and Happy Hunting Fellers...

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    Nov 2011
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    Re: Mining Technology

    Check with a local technical institute, might be a place to start. Not sure what part of the field you're thinking about..
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    Re: Mining Technology

    I am not familiar with any mining courses in the northern KY or southern Ohio areas. Plenty of them out west in most community colleges. If you did locate some it would be geared toward coal mining instead of the precious minerals. maybe some of the on line universities might have some. then there is always the school of hard knocks-haha.

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    Re: Mining Technology

    There are mining technology classes available in the community colleges in SW Virginia, and mining engineering is available at Va Tech. I'm sure the schools in KY in the mining districts have similar programs.

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    Aug 2007
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    Re: Mining Technology

    Hello Frontiersman,

    I went to N.Ky University, I got my Bachelors degree there, in natural sciences, as a geologist. University of Kentucky has a good geology program as well. U of K would be close to your area, you might look to see what they offer!
    Colorado School of Mines in Denver, Colo. is a very good place to study mining!


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