Another rookie Question?
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    Aug 2011

    Another rookie Question?

    Greetings: new to MD,& also dumb as a duck on a computor,But hoping someone will help.
    I read where some of you find ol' maps for around where you live.I'm trying to find some places around here to MD on,& would like to be able to find some ol' maps,As I said I'm as umb as a bucket of rock's So please help if you can.Thanks Mark,,,

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    Re: Another rookie Question?

    Bana 20a, I've had great luck in going to antique stores for old maps. I've found 1920s maps of my state for, at the most for $8. Then there is ebay.....a 1912 Montana map ($7....I live in Minn, but visit Montana regularly), Minn maps from 1919 to 1960, and many other maps. DON'T buy maps that were ripped out of an atlas....they're next to useless.
    Another source is your local museum or historical society. They have REAL maps of local towns and for around $1 they will give you a copy. I wish you luck.

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    Re: Another rookie Question?

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    Aug 2011
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    Re: Another rookie Question?

    Link to Free Historical Maps

    It has some fluff that you can chose to opt out of, which I did, and one program called SiteRanker which you can eliminate through the typical Windows Remove/Install Program feature, did that too.
    Otherwise, it seems to have a lot of things for people to try that may help them find something.()
    Here is an example of the typical page I went to:

    Map of Mexico, California and Texas, 1851

    I'm going to play around on the site for awhile just incase I missed something somewhere else.

    Oh, I didn't subscribe, I'm just on the free section which will automatically cancel if not used in 90 days. I'm sure there is other things a subscriber can do that I can't.

    Good Hunting, M
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