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Thread: Is lead a good practice sample to memorize the tone of gold jewelry ?

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    Jan 2007
    Georgetown, Ohio, USA
    Teknetics Gamma 6000, Tesoro Bandido II µMax and Compadre, White's Classic II, Garrett Ace 250
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    Metal Detecting

    Is lead a good practice sample to memorize the tone of gold jewelry ?


    Please see the title for my question.

    Thanks for reply.

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    Jan 2015
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    Nope, lead has a totally different tone.... Find some can pull tabs and listen to them, that's the tone you're looking for.
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    Oct 2009
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    gold jewelry has such a vast range of karats, mixed metals, sizes and shaped that there is NOTHING you can use to "mimic" a gold item. They respond everywhere from the very lowest of you conductive range (like a tiny piece of foil) all the way up to a copper cent. If you want gold, you have dig everything that isnt iron
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    Dec 2012
    MXT-PRO Sandshark
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    maybe it depends on the machine
    not the same on mine
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    Nov 2011
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    FWIW, nickles have a similar tone on my machine. Just a little more oomph. I used to practice with a gold ring, just toss it in the yard and go find it. I know the books say it's a clean tone, but not always especially when on the surface. And yes, many people who find gold say it sounded just like a pull tab. To answer you question, I think lead has got that same oomph.
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    Sep 2011
    Denver, Colorado
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    I'd try gold jewelry to see what gold jewelry sounds like. Jason is right. I have found two gold items that hit high tone. They are 24k gold. The last one I dug, I thought for sure I had a nickel. A gold filigree earring will hit in the foil range.

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    Oct 2015
    Nokta Impact, Tesoro Compadre, Nokta Pin pointer.
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    It all depends on what detector you are using and how well you know it. If your using a Tesoro Beep and dig, keep your discrimination below nickel and dig till you drop! If your using a multi tone detector, dig all mid tone and higher signals until you drop!
    Dig till you drop!



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