Using a Ferrite to Ground Balance ?
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    Using a Ferrite to Ground Balance ?

    Hi All !

    Looking for opinions and also any general information you can offer on using a ferrite (a small ceramic shape with high-iron content.) to Ground Balance a metal detector.
    I saw this demonstrated recently on the Internet via a Minelab youtube for their GPZ 7000.

    Then I did some investigation and discovered that there are many manufacturers of small-size ceramic ferrites of various shapes with different percentages of metals in the composition, but ferrite (iron dust) usually has the highest percent in a ceramic alloy, and possibly the largest volume of these ferrites is produced for the electronics and electrical products industries.

    In addition to opinions and/or general information you might be able to offer, I would appreciate answers to the following questions if possible, but I guess these are for our science experts.

    #1..Do the ingredients in the ferrite alloy, in terms of metals used and their percentages,
    need to be matched to the particular metal detector's frequency and/or circuit design for
    optimum Ground Balancing?

    #2..Or is the choice of a ferrite and it's composition not that important as long as the ferrite content reigns King?

    Thanks for your replies gals and guys !


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