Tesoro Eldorado?
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    Jun 2003
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    Tesoro Eldorado?

    Recently i purchased a Whites Classic II to see how I liked metal detecting. So far so good, and the S.O. seems to like it too. We're looking to get another detector, so we can go together without fighting over who gets the unit. Will detectors that work on different frequencies not talk to each other? We're looking at either a whites DFX as it operates on 3 & 15khz or a tesoro unit with frequency shift. (eldorado or gold micro max most likely). Target ID is not much of an issue would the DFX be signifigantly better as far as depth and find numbers go? We're thinking it may not be worth the signifigant price differnce.

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    Apr 2003
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    Tesoro Eldorado?

    It is my understanding that if the 2 detectors are at least 2 megs apart in freq. then it should be no problem. But I am no expert and this is only from reading about these things. Fred
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