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Thread: How To Use Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Discrimination Settings??

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    Jun 2009
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    How To Use Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Discrimination Settings??

    I've had a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV for about 5 month's now, and I love it. I do the 'All Metal' setting, but I want to start discriminating junk. Does anyone know how to do that? Will it work for Japanese coins? And finally, if you discriminate, wouldn't you have the possibility of missing something valuable?


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    Re: How To Use Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Discrimination Settings??

    ah I can help you -- once you go into the "discrimate" mode --everything lower than the level you set it at will be missed --think of it as a metal ignore level knob* first metal ignored is iron * then comes aluminum* closely followed by gold ( aluminum and gold have very close conductivity ratings) which is how a detector sort one type of metal from another * to find as much gold as possible with as little tabs / trash digging as possible --- get a gold item and a pull tab * put them on metal free dirt about 3 feet apart (check in all metal mode that the ground is metal free first)---now switch over to disc mode via the toggle switch*--- lower the disc knob level to 0 --full left) -- run over both items --beep beep --now slowly up the disc level to the right while waving the coil over the tab until it no longer rings up -- now check and see that it the gold item still rings up --if not very very slowly drop the disc level until it does "beep" on the gold item ---the gold should make sound crisp and clear "beep" and the tab should either not ring up or come in rather "broken up" sounding --the sound differance should be quite noticible

    try it and let me know how this works for you at this setting level you will lose iron items and aluminum items ---but the rest of the metals like nickle , gold, copper and silver should still remain "in" and findible
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    Re: How To Use Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Discrimination Settings??

    Yep .....what Ivan said.

    Put different japanese coins under the coil to see how they sound, sometimes you have to adjust the sensitivity knob as well as the discriminate knob to tune it in just right. (typically you can raise the sensitivity while in disc or tone mode) You will lose some depth capability when not in all metal mode however.

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    That sounds like a great idea Ivan. I didn't think to try that to set the unit. I appreciate the advice!

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