Has anybody ever used the Tesoro Bandido 2 U-Max...
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    Has anybody ever used the Tesoro Bandido 2 U-Max...

    I bought one used 5 or 6 years ago for $100. And its sat in the garage ever since...great way to learn aye...lol.
    Since i am looking for an all purpose rig i need some advise on which way to go. Years ago i bought a garrett from fingerhut...ok....i was single...just out of the army and it fir the bill...cheap. Lesson learned. Next up was a goldmaster 2...a genuine pain to use. Read Zip-Zip from Larry Salle numerous times and even attended a class outside of Apache Junction on the machine with sue thompson and larry. Did find bird shot....still a pain to use. Step forward 8 or 9 years and i have been out of the arena for so long i have no clue. I need a good general purpose machine...if it finds a nugget..great..if not i'm not going to loose sleep over it. I primarily will be searching along parts of the old spanish trail in western colorado and utah...and ocassionaly in the bradshaw mountains of az...which are a ***** no matter what you do as the soil is hot and changes alot every couple feet.

    So please fire away and tell me what you think on what i have...what you think would do a better job...and if detectors like tesoro's super track with auto ground balance are really worth the money. Have found memories of the GM2 in the bradshaws...up and down...up and down...so i do want to explore the options and your experiences with such machines.

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    Re: Has anybody ever used the Tesoro Bandido 2 U-Max...

    There are so many machines out there that fit the bill and five times more that don't. Some aren't even worth the cost of the batteries.

    I'd check into the manufactures web sites to learn which ones suit the type detecting you want to do. Don't be supprised if you think you may need more than on. There are some good nugget finders out there with the Minelab 3500 being at the top, money wise too. But there are some excellent lower cost ones that are good for nuggets and are light weight and easy to use. Be sure to also check out Tesoro detectors.

    I won't list which ones to use as I may not list one and hurt someones feelings. LOL
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