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Thread: asking permission

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    Aug 2012
    Nashville TN
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    asking permission

    I'm 13 years old and have found an old house and i'm ready to ask for permission but I don't know how to go about it. Should I tell them i will return all of their jewelry. Or what if i don't say that and i find old jewelry that isn't theirs and they want it what do i do do i give them only the stuff they claim is theirs and keep the rest. Or should i ask if they have ever lost any jewelry that I should keep an eye out for it and keep any other thing i find. please help
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    Jul 2011
    Fairfield, Connecticut
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    just say " hey i noticed you have an old house and i was wondering if it would be ok if i detected around the property. I wont ruin the lawn and ill show you what i dig up." dont even mention to her who keeps what. just say youll show them what you dig. if you dig something special, you can either put it in your pocket and move on to another hole or you can show her. chances are, if its an old coin or jewelry, theyll probably want it. truth is, its most from before they lived there anyway so whats in the ground belongs to whoever finds it unless of course they tell you that they lost something specific. good luck anyhow, let us know how it goes.

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    Aug 2012
    Nashville TN
    Garret At Pro, Pro pin pointer
    5 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    thanks but just to make sure should i ask them if they have ever lost any thing before i start.

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    Jan 2012
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    Just take some clad with you and if you find silver just show then the clad and say nothing old

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    Jun 2012
    Evensville, Tennessee
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    Tell them you love history and keep it simple ( as well as informing them you want damage the property ). If you feel it is needed, offer to share the finds but that is all you need to say. I am not trying to stand on a soap box but being totaly honest is always the best route to take. If they get some clad or even if you feel the need to hand over a wheatie or newer silver it is great PR. People will even help, if you ask, by telling their neighbors you did a solid by them and getting you another place to hunt. Always be as accountable as possible. Make sure they know who you are and how to contact you. When you see a shiney old Mustang etc. be sure to compliment them on it or really nice flower garden etc. Make them comfortable with you and more often than not they are glad to allow you access to their property. You can never tell when you may make a friend and that can be your best find. Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Jun 2009
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    Some people will make demands others won't care what you find others will flat out say NO. You have the best and worse chance because of your age, they will think its great that a young person has a good hobby but I think they will worry more about how their lawn will look after you are digging around their yard for a while. Don't dig large objects as they will create a huge mess, go for the coin sized targets. Practice in your yard if you don't already know how to leave little trace you were digging. If they grant permission, ask the best time to detect and if you can come back (because it takes a long time to do it right). Be honest with them, don't start your young life learning to deceive people like others have instructed. You will get to keep more than you think and if they take your finds, then don't go back. You will gain a good reputation and dignity and thats worth more than the few goodies you will find. Good luck to you
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    Mar 2011
    San Diego
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    I agree that you must be honest with the homeowner but there are ways to be diplomatic about it so you have a better chance at gaining permission. If you ask them to allow you to dig holes in their yard to find coins and jewelry, they'll probably slam the door in your face. I you tell them that they have a beautiful old house and that you have an interest in the local history and would it be ok if you tried to find some items for the local historical society, you're likely to get a yes. You can then ask them if they've lost anything particular that they'd like you to find. Then stand behind your word. Give them anything they said they lost and donate any relices to the historical society.....chances are they won't want them anyway so you my end up with them. If you don't want them, go back to the homeowner and see if they want to keep them and thank them again for letting you hunt there. As mentioned, make sure your recovery skills are 1st rate or you won't be allowed back and nobody else will either. I've even brought a big jug of water with me for yards that were dry and the grass was unlikely to recover well. The word will get around that you care and might get you permssion to hunt other properties.
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