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Thread: Should I Use Headphones?

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    Aug 2012
    7 times

    Should I Use Headphones?

    I have a garrett 250 and have been using it for about 6-7 hours without headphones and have been doing alright but I see so many people using them. Im 23 and have good hearing and the display has a signal strength indicator so what are the advantages of using them?

    Also, how much better is a leishe (spelling) digging tool compared to a $5 metal gardening shovel?
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    Aug 2009
    White's MXT300 D2, 950, 6X10 DD, 4X6 DD, detech ultimate 13" DD coils
    680 times
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    With headphones it allows you to hear those real deep faint signals that you wouldn't hear without headphones, you can't really go by the VDI indication on the real deep targets because if its barely picking up the target its not going to VDI spot on either. I've had my lesche four years now and went through alot of other loaners and bought another lesche for a loaner so I wouldn't have to keep replacing the one I lone out. HH
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    Jul 2009
    Whiting, NJ
    Ace 250
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    Use the headphones. It's easier to ignore people that way, just pretend you can't hear them

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    Jul 2006
    Orlando, Fl
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    25394 times
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    wingmaster is correct, even with really good hearing, you want hear those really faint signals that you will with headphones....Wind noise and outside noise like people talking will interfere with what you hear, and like spark said it is also easier to ignore a persistent person who keeps asking the same question....."Did you find anything yet?"
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    Any day out detecting, is a good day !

    Jun 2012
    Fisher F75 Ltd, GTAx1000 (Coil Died), AT-Pro (died), Tesoro Sand Shark,Ctx3030, Whites V3i.
    40 times
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    I agree with the rest of the team here on the use of headphones. Also if you get a tone that alerts you to a target of "really great interest" , say like for example, in the silver spectrum, you are not telling the rest of the world what you just found.

    When I started I used my wife's gardening trowels. (Big Big Mistake!) I bent two of them rather quickly on the harder compact ground. The trowels worked well in the often tilled gardens or any lightly compacted soils but,,, get them out in the forest with all those roots and, hard ground conditions and good Lesche will literally "leave them in the dust". A Lesche isn't cheap (unless on special) but given the choice again between the cheaper trowels and purchasing another lesche .. I would buy the lesche. They are tough as old nails

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    Aug 2012
    7 times
    Alright perfect, ill be looking in to headphones a bit more today snd will be purchasing a leishe today for sure. Theyre 35-45 bucks shipped on ebay which isnt bad
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    Aug 2012
    Minelab CTX3030, E-TRAC, ProFind25, Garrett Pro Pointer
    111 times
    Metal Detecting
    after breaking 2 of our gardening trowels....I picked up the Lesche digger and as previously stated it's tough as old nails, absolutely no regrets here!!
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    Jan 2012
    Garrett Ace250 Minelab Safari
    400 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by spartacus53
    Use the headphones. It's easier to ignore people that way, just pretend you can't hear them
    I hated head phones when I started, but I wear them to act like I can't hear annoying people that wanna a pain in my butt lol
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    Mar 2011
    San Diego
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    Most manufacturers claim you get better battery life while using headphones also.

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    Oct 2005
    XLT, Whites D.F., Treasure Baron, Deepstar, Goldquest, Beachscan, T.D.I., Sovereign, 2x Nautilus, various Arado's, Ixcus Diver, Altek Quadtone, T2, Beach Hunter I.D, GS 5 pulse, Searchman 2 ,V3i
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    If you don't use headphones you may well find people out enjoying the fresh air/having a picnic in the park or on a beach will get annoyed at having you nearby "beeping" away.

    Battery life should be improved but impedance has to be considered, the headphones have to match the detectors output.

    Headphone selection can't be done through a forum. What's best for one detector could be the worse for another. Someone may say the best I've tried on my Ace is brand X but they or you may have a degree of industrial or military hearing loss that has to be taken into account if a detector doesn't have a tone/pitch adjustment on it.

    Five minutes detecting next to a busy road or crashing waves on a beach will soon convince you of the importance of headphone use.

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    Apr 2010
    Tesoro Compadre/GPP/Lesche/Bomb Sheath
    18 times
    I'm yet to believe that headphones increase battery life and everytime i ask this question "How" i get no response.So if you would like to try and explain this to me feel welcome to do so.Rich
    rich battistoni

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    Charter Member
    Come out from under your bed today...... DO SOMETHING!

    Jun 2008
    Yarnell, AZ
    Ace 250 (2), Gold Bug 2, Tesoro Cortes, Garrett Sea Hunter, Whites TDI SL SE, Falcon MD20, Garrett pinpointer.
    4235 times
    Metal Detecting
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    The reason you will get longer battery life by using headphones is because the pa(power amplifier) circuit (parts that drive the speaker) uses more juice than any other circuit in the detector. By using the headphones, you bypass the speaker pa, extending the life of the batteries. TTC
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    Nov 2010
    SouthWestern USA
    Bad Habits, lol.
    1813 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I quit using headphones when I almost stepped on a Green Mohave.

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    Charter Member

    May 2012
    Mequon, Wi
    In 1974- White. Now a Garrett Ace 250. 8/30/12 using a Zircon m40 Stud Finder as a hand held pin pointer.
    159 times
    Looking for Error coins from the bank. Update: I can MD using my wheelchair!
    Terry, I am uncomfortable using the headphones with my Ace 250 because I hunt alone and I want to hear when people are in the area. But I will give it a try.
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    May 2011
    Western Mass.
    Whites M-6 W/ DD6x10 SunRay DX-1 (A real sleeper)
    12275 times
    The one everybody else missed.
    I'm 61 and without headphones to hear the tone on my M-6 it's hard,and I pay attention to the VDI! God Bless Chris

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