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    Oct 2003

    DIY long handle sand scoops

    Newby here to the forum. I want to get into water detecting and was wondering on the durability of the commericial long handle sand scoops on the market. Are they worth the money? Has anyone out there made one for themselves that works great and would be willing to share there ideas? Or maybe you know of a place that I can visit that will tell me how to make my own. Thanks for the help and happy hunting.

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    Jul 2003
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    DIY long handle sand scoops

    I've destroyed the wire mesh ones already working the hard pack and rocky river bottom here in the Fox Valley. I suggest the solid steel models with a kicker plate unless you are working sand only environments.

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    Jun 2003
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    DIY long handle sand scoops

    I made one myself, and it worked pretty well in the wet sand, and dry sand, although i was told it looked very "dorky". I used a piece of 7 inch ABS pipe, and a wire mesh material available at home depot used for making plaster walls to make the scoop part. Cut the pipe at a 45-60 degree angle. Mount the mesh about 1 or 2 inches in the back end of the pipe, I tied mine in by drilling holes in the side of the pipe and using zip ties and then some epoxy. Make sure there are no sharp edges, no need to loose precious blood. You will also want to drill holes on the sides to help water and sand flow out. An optional kick plate can be added to the scoop area. You should have a decent sifter now. This part is fairly sturdy. The Hard part is getting it mounted on a handle. I had used a rake for a while, and held it on with zip ties, epoxy and duct tape, but am currently looking for something more stable. Its not exaltly deffinitive, but hope this helped some

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    Mar 2003
    New Jersey....
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    DIY long handle sand scoops

    Try here..... http://www.beachscoops.com/ everyone on the other forum I post on swears by "Chuck's Scoops"!!! If nothing else, you can get an idea how to build one yourself as Spirit said, the scoops are a little pricey but well worth it! to see a variety of hand made scoops go here http://www.findmall.com/metal/beach/config.pl?index and search on the word scoop (search the past couple months), there are a lot of pics of homemade ones. Good luck!

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    Apr 2003
    Whites GMT
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    DIY long handle sand scoops

    Spirit; I just got one up here and it cost me about $75 with tax. If yours looks dorky,to heck with whomever doesn't like it,you saved a bunch of money. On my new scoop,the screen portion appears to be what is known up here as sand screen and is stronger than stucco screen. Fred
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    Oct 2003


    Thanks to all that replied i will use this information to great advantage.



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