Hello, bls!
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    May 2003
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    Hello, bls!

    Hello, bls!

    Don't get discouraged. If you are finding bottle caps, you are finding metal. Each time you locate a target, make a mental note of what it sounds like, and when you recover it, associate the sound with the target. It takes practice-- I averaged 3 2-hour hunts a week for 5 years, and still have off days. That's over 1500 hours of hunting time! My finds work out to an average something like one really excellent find for every 50+ hours of hunting. It is a full- time job that doesn't pay well, if you look at it that way. I hunt for other reasons.

    Here's a few simple rules:

    1) a detector in the closet doesn't find anything

    2) go where everyone goes; you're more likely to find something

    3) go where nobody goes; someone was there in the past and may have lost something

    4) the more desirable an object the less someone wants to lose it, and the less chance there is of finding it. Don't hunt to get rich! Its a losing proposition.

    Think of it as an Easter-egg hunt. Even if there is no intrinsic value in what you find, there is a history behind every object, and if you are sensitive to that you will learn a great deal every time you dig a target. That knowlege will help you do better in the future.

    Best of luck to ya!
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    Apr 2003
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    Hello, bls!

    bls; Many years ago while learning how to understand my Garrets Master Hunter/Deepseeker I was going over a sandlot in an elementary school. It was on a Sat but the caretaker was there and came out to watch and talk about the hobby. I kept detecting while we talked and got a hit. I dug up a stainless steel teaspoon,and he remarked that it wasn't much of a find. I said that it went quite nicely with the other 3 I had found in various other schoolyards and I Did like the pattern.(I still have and use them) I then said I thought I had heard something else and went over the spot again,got a softer tone and pulled up a dime. Now since my ears are ringing full time you should be able to "learn"your detector even quicker. That incedent has obviously stayed with me and that was when I realized that I was beginning to understand M/D speak. I just got a new Whites GoldMaster and will have to learn the language all over again,but it will be a labour of love and a lot of fun. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of yours. Fred
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