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Thread: Pinpointing 101

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    Dec 2014
    Whites DFX and V3i, Garrett AT Pro , ACE 350, Minelab CTX
    471 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Pinpointing 101

    Great information for the beginner or somebody who is looking to start
    thank you

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    Dennis Gareau
    Managing Director

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    Jul 2015
    Raleigh, North Carolina
    Garrett AT Pro, Garrett Ace 350 Garrett pinpointer Lesche 85 and Sampson t-handle 31"
    334 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    yep, i broke my first black garrett by using it to pry and dig. Learned a hard lesson.

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    Dec 2014
    Whites DFX and V3i, Garrett AT Pro , ACE 350, Minelab CTX
    471 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Quote Originally Posted by Skippy SH13 View Post
    If this is your blog, I think it could be improved by describing the actual process for pinpointing, and the how the individual models vary with regard to the process.

    For example, Pistol type pinpointers (like the bounty hunter) really only detect at the tip, whereas other types, like the Garrett ProPointer, detect all along the shaft. The difference is primarily in the speed of the recovery. If you have to point and stab everything, it's much more time consuming than if you lay a pin pointer across the ground and "swipe" for first detection capability, then narrow by using the tip. You sort of covered this with the ways people use the pinpointers, but if you have an "instructable" you'll find more people link to the blog.

    Regarding the stabbing technique, I see MANY people using Garrett's out in the field who are using the stabbing technique and take forever to find targets that way. Swiping with the shaft is the fastest way to initially isolate a target, especially when near the surface, then narrow the location with the tip.

    Other methods include "drawing a grid" over an area (basically use the tip to draw strips of lines, rather than "stabbing" at spots). Not quite as fast as whole shaft swiping, but nearly so, if you've already isolated the area with a wiggle method on a coil or having used the pinpoint function of the main rig...

    Basically... if the blog is more useful for learning how, rather than just noting it's important, I think you'll get more hits on the page, as people link and direct others to it. Cheers!

    Some other edits I'd recommend:
    A lot of seasoned detectorists damage their pinpointer by digging with them. So, don’t do that.
    While this may be true, many "seasoned "detectorists use a tip guard to prevent any wear on the pinpointer. I regularly push dirt out of the way. My first two pinpointers were practically angled at the tip after just 6-7 months. Now, I use a couple millimeter rubber cap on the end (cost me like $.75), and there's ZERO wear now... Any rubbing of the tip on dirt will eventually wear it down... A cheap cap is so much easier than purchasing dips, whole pinpointer sheaths, or vacuum sealing (i've done them all, btw!)

    You might also describe how using a pinpointer results in MUCH less damage to turf, as it doesn't require running handsful of dirt across a coil. It's much easier to find the object IN the hole, than to take out dirt to find it.


    Skipp SH13
    Your correct, I think your advice is correct
    I am sure they will read your great advice
    thank you
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    Dennis Gareau
    Managing Director

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    Feb 2007
    246 times
    wet dirt
    You must be a school teacher on vacation
    if it wasn't for flashbacks. i would have no memory at all



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