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Thread: Amazing Badge, rings, coins and buttons -A few hunts with Monncusser

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    Amazing Badge, rings, coins and buttons -A few hunts with Monncusser

    Hi all,
    I got together for a few hunts with Mooncusser. First I went down his way and he got us on some good ground at a school where he had found some silver before. We worked it hard though good signals were few and far between. As we got back to the car he turned his machine off but I always keep swinging until the last second. Sure enough I got that nice shallow silver hit. It seemed too small to be a can so I called him over and dug the silver ring while he watched. It is bright and shiny and hasn't been in the ground for a long time (pic) . Not to be outdone MC went about twenty feet from the ring and dug a silver quarter (not pictured) as his next target.
    Then we headed to an old church where a gold band had been lost and we were looking to find it for the owner. I got another small silver ring almost immediately (in pic). Things petered out as we searched for the lost band and consequently dug a lot of iffy can slaw and foil targets.
    The next day we headed to my mom's yard and I got a buckle and a 1920 merc on the edge of the driveway (pic). I always think I've hammered mom's yard but it still produces. We moved out to the fields which are still short enough to detect and started getting into some buttons and colonial artifacts. I got a nice mid range hit and uncovered a nice round gold edge in the hole. My heart got going hoping for a small gold coin. Out comes a gold gilded button in great shape (pic needed) It is neat but it was quite a let down when you see round gold in the hole.
    Dave had worked his way across the field to where I got a seated liberty dime last visit and right when he gets in the spot calls me over. Hes got a legible 1828 large cent (pic). I am baffled that I missed it last time but fortune goes to the bold. He even offered it to me but its finders keepers with this group of land pirates. After a few more digs we push up the road to what we thought was going to be an old permission.
    Dave and I can tell its not an amazing site due to the sparse targets and the place we are hunting is well away from the main house. We closed out the day as a bit of a let down and packed it in.
    The next day after a rain delay cost us the morning we went to a 1690s permission that has an old mill on the property. I had hunted it before and hadn't found any coins but 100+ acres of 1690 property should have something interesting. I pounded around the house but it was super clean. A few pull tabs, a modern penny, bits of flashing and deep iron (all iffy targets except the penny) gave me the impression the yard had been cherry picked long ago. Dave started out toward the mill and worked an old tree line. I joined him at the far side of the tree line and his efforts were quickly rewarded. He held up a King George in good shape which we could use some ID help with. I am guessing 1730-1750?. That was when I got the most amazing badge ever! (See pic) its as though someone had put it there for me to find all those years later. A number of other targets not easily ID'ed turned up but that was the only coin. The weather turned on us that evening and I headed for home.
    The next day in the local park I got two 1820s cents about fifty feet apart (pic). The ground was really harsh to them and one is toast. These were my oldest local finds and I had written off the prospects of finding much locally with the level of competition in my area. I am hoping this broke the no luck streak I've been on and that 17 will be better than 16 was. It was super fun hunting with someone else especially with MCs level of knowledge regarding IDs and history. Looking forward to linking up with Mooncusser and other tnetters and getting after it. I am curious what the shield looking emblem is. I suspect some dungeons and dragons thing because the coat of arms is sort of cheesy but any thoughts are welcome. Stay safe and may you find what you seek,
    Tommy B
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    The badge is from a vending machine. I remember those as a kid in the 50's-60's. You could determine what you wanted imprinted into it and enter it into the machine. Some even had a one cent coin in the middle.
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    It is so fun hunting with someone that shares the same enthusiasm , BUCKETS is a serious treasure hunter and not afraid to go after permissions . I would highly encourage a hunting partner !!



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