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Thread: How far to the outhouse?

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    Feb 2018
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    How far to the outhouse?

    Generally speaking.....


    An outhouse was built within how many feet of the door?

    Far enough away not to smell it.......yet close enough in a blizard......50-75 feet?
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    Hey, pretty good question, never gave it much thought, of course I would assume it would be from the "back door".
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    Yeah I'm thinking 50-75 ft from the back door would be a good guess.Maybe traces of a walkway can be found.
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    Or is that where the term 100 yard dash comes from......
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    I guess we could ask an "Out House Rat".........wait, never mind, they're crazy. Scratch this idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A#1 View Post
    Generally speaking.....


    An outhouse was built within how many feet of the door?

    Far enough away not to smell it.......yet close enough in a blizard......50-75 feet?
    There are lots of variables to consider. Is the house out in the country where yard boundaries' are variable and could have changed over time, or is the house in a town or city where property lines are close to the house? If it is an older property there could have been several privies used over time. Possibly one farther away for summertime, and one closer to the house for winter necessities. Some folks even had men's outhouses, and separate facilities for women. If it is in a town or urban setting then the most likely spots are along the side and rear property lines. If it is a country dwelling then it could be anywhere, and around large old trees or against old barns or outbuilding might be likely spots to probe or detect. Good luck.
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    Thirty paces.
    Dig it!

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    Depends on how bad you gotta go.

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    Having experienced the joy of a wooden seat on a frigid or sweltering day in several "little house out back", it has been my observation that most were in the 50 to 100 foot range. There were all in the country but not all on farms. In my youth, most country or small village homes had one even if they had indoor plumbing. Our country school also had indoor plumbing built in the 20's but retained the outhouses, one for boys and one for girls. Most did have a walk of some kind going to it.
    My favorite outhouse story came from a Great Aunt. A young man was taking her for a buggy ride and on the way home had a "pain" that needed urgent relief. As they got to the house he handed my Aunt the reins, jumped off the buggy and took off in a run to the "little house". As he's running, he's unbuttoning his pants so when he hit's the door he can turn around and drop his drawers,which he does, and sits right down on my Great Grandma. Good luck.
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    30-35 feet. Gets cold in the winter.

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    Feb 2014
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    There may be several outhouses. Had a friend who had to move his outhouse because it was contaminating his well. When he moved the outhouse, the well dried up!
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    Thinking of digging for some relics?
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    Our outhouse was about 50' from the back door to the house, kinda cramped - needed another seat for those big spiders....
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    How about a root cellar on the property ? Click image for larger version. 

Name:	007.JPG 
Views:	38 
Size:	3.57 MB 
ID:	1579049 Or an outside well ?Click image for larger version. 

Name:	026.JPG 
Views:	35 
Size:	3.57 MB 
ID:	1579050


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