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Thread: New Fisher PI - Ricks Manta Manifesto

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    Apr 2018
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    In the days when I hunted with a Deepstar (also a very low pulse delay machine) it was deadly on low conductors and could find nickels at depths that I got tired of digging. It would bang hard on gold and it was awesome. If the Fisher guys can do a similar thing in a lightweight, waterproof platform, I'd be in for sure. The Deepstar was also a high TX power machine, I don't think this Manta machine is super high power (where's the batteries!?) - but the low pulse delay, if stable, would be killer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terry Soloman View Post
    I'm sorry to hurt any feelings here, But a PI that actually discriminates is a fairy tale. An adjustable pulse delay control which goes down below 10 microseconds pulse delay, can also be a nightmare. Remember there is a huge difference between wet sand, and 5+ feet of saltwater. Pulse delays under 10 become unstable real fast at depth, and are hinky on wet sand as well. This stuff about finding smaller gold at depth is just nonsense.

    Please show me I'm wrong if this machine ever becomes reality. In the meantime, A Tesoro Sand Shark will still beat the pants off any PI $1,200.00 or less.
    Just how small of gold are we talking about - I used to find gold rings at depth smaller than a dime a round with my PI Pro
    have found gold stud earrings too and a few small gold bracelets
    you would never find them with White's "recommended" settings - I used to just click on and leave there and crank sensitivity
    to loud hum and go for the slightest fluctuation in tone - not for everyone - but that is how I learned to hunt with my first
    machine in the 70s - and you have to slow down to get the small stuff
    someone show me small gold emblems they found with any machine that fell off of old class rings - and I'm sold
    ive found about a dozen with emblems gone and know others that have found a a whole lot with them missing - OBN for one
    but I don't think ive ever seen someone find just the emblems
    Motto = "I try to hit where others cant or others wont "

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    Jan 2012
    17016 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    I used to hunt with PI with sensitivity cranked and get stuff close to 2ft range - rings and coins
    I use my CZ21 in "all metal" and do the same - many say I'm exaggerating - but guys Ive hunted with or
    hunt where I hunt can back me up - I don't hit virgin spots - I hunt spots that other say are cleaned out
    and ive done pretty good at them - I live a ways from most saltwater spots so fresh drops are gone before
    I get there - so most spots my option is going for the stuff others missed - high percentage of gold finds
    are "old" gold finds and deep (well over a foot or more)
    and they are from spots that get hit on a regular basis by guys that live minutes away from the beach
    guys that have 20 yrs plus in the hobby - I think most crank their discrim. and lose depth or move too fast
    I'm about 2 hrs from CT.,R.I. and Most Ma. saltwater spots - I will go for fresh stuff but most tmes have to slow down and
    and go for the whisper signals - up here - most old nails and bottle caps will get eaten by the salt water up here
    where guys down south - Fla. for example - bobby pins and caps cake up and last for ever - I know Ive cleaned my share of them from trips down there
    - we don't have to deal with them - only the fresh drop caps and pins and the bobby pins wont even last a season usually - they are dissolved
    caps take a few yrs - heavy nails do too - but few spots ive ever had to worry about them unless some kids
    burn a pallet or life guard stand and dump in the shallows - up here there have been a handful of guys that used pIs for awhile and myself and them
    have tried to clean as much junk as possible out - so only junk you should encounter is fresh junk
    all this being said - I know spots that there is gold even deeper than what ive got and coins too - if a new machine comes out that can
    reach them - then its a whole new ball game for me - a few of these spots have been hit with Equinox' and 3030s with nothing to speak of
    whether they are using them to the best of the machine potential is another story - ive met many cz20 and cz21 users that did not use
    theirs to their potential and many Excal users that just set theirs up to what others did and never tried to do better either. I remember
    when the Aquasounds came out and guys thought they were the holy grail - but a machine that only makes 2 sounds sounded to good to be
    true - I know many that did good with them - but I hunted with a few guys with them and they missed stuff - especially gold under or with junk
    and a few guys dug bad signals and came up with good stuff - hoping for the best for First Texas - I have a handful of friends there and they can
    use another winner it this machine is it
    with small iron as much as other do
    Motto = "I try to hit where others cant or others wont "


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