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Thread: Unexpected results head to head comparison XP Deus, Equinox 600, Tesoro Tejon

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    Apr 2017
    Nw ohio
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    Smokey, I picked up a Mars lion 7" dd coil for my tejon and from what I have seen using it, it's gonna stay on the tej. Goes almost as deep as the stock coil and really weeds in and out of the junk. If you'd like to try one, let me know and I'll send it to you to play with.

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    Nov 2013
    XP Deus, F75Ltd., AT PRO, Garrett pointer
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    Great post Smokey.
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    Nov 2012
    XP Deus, Tesoro Cibola
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    By mid week I'm putting a minie or button on a stick and inserting it in the ground until I cease getting a signal. Might be interesting.
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    Mar 2013
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeythecat View Post
    You don't need hundreds of hours on any machine. ANY. The only time you need that is when you tweak the factory presets and goof up the machine's capabilities.
    I absolutely agree with smokey on this. Once you've come to faith with your first detector, then you've a clue as to what you're listening for. Solid signal, and then solid again at a 90 degree swing is a dig, period.

    I've owned many machines over the years, still have 6 or 7 (my best friend cat is asleep right now in my detector corner).

    I can take any of them and make magic happen. If I bought another detector I'd never used before, the learning curve would be very very short.

    That is unless you're into "programming" your machine. I question that philosophy. I ain't dickering around with any machine's settings.

    I just want to turn it on and listen to what it is telling me.
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    Oct 2014
    Garrett: AT Pro, AT Gold & Infinium; Minelab: Explorer SE, II & X-terra 705; Tesoro: Tejon & Outlaw; White's: V3i & DFX
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    The Tesoro Tejon is a very good machine! I have found many awesome finds with it in the field!
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    Nov 2012
    XP Deus, Tesoro Cibola
    19542 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    The Tejon found minies today at 12 inches. It's going to play on a battlefield tomorrow.
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    Nov 2012
    XP Deus, Tesoro Cibola
    19542 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    And it's tomorrow. We've got the Tejon, White's TDI SL, XP Deus, Equinox 800, Minelab GPX 4500, Fisher F-75 and a couple others in a mind blowing, ear splitting, thunderous (WWF style) head to head matchup today! Bring on the popcorn. Film at 11.

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    May 2018
    White's MXT Tesoro Cibola Tesoro Golden Sabre Plus Garrett ADS Master Hunter 7
    1081 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Good luck!

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