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Thread: Looks on the beach

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    Feb 2016
    macro racer 2, whites mx5, trx pinpointer
    1077 times
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    Try carrying a purse for your good and junk finds and root cutter etc. Talk about a creepy old guy. Lol, yup that's me.Click image for larger version. 

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    Aug 2016
    Guelph, Ontario
    Garrett AT PRO, Bounty Hunter DISCOVERY 1100
    51 times
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    I hunted the beach last week during the day while the wife and kids were enjoying themselves getting some sun. It did feel a little strange getting all the looks. At one point I had dug a hole that seemed to be a small crater and felt the need to finally pick up a shell to make it look like I had found something rather than look like I gave up. Really need to get a decent pinpointer I guess. Usually I try to get to the beach at dawn to avoid the crowds and not take up too much of the weekend.
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    Aug 2019
    95 times
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    Laughs...yeah...I got somethin that goes beep beep...what have you got.

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    Charter Member
    Sep 2011
    south texas
    SAND SHARK,M -5 ,1270 X,705 EXTERRA, DE LEON.
    38 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    0ne thing I have learned do not carry a long shovel with you it will give them a heart-attack.That goes for all metal detecting makes them very nervous ------ha,ha,ha.--William

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    Mar 2020
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    T Shirt now available on Amazon

    Quote Originally Posted by smallfoot View Post
    I'm surprised nobody has had some shirts made up with "Voluntary Beach Clean-up Crew" embroidered across the back!
    I saw this on Amazon, exactly what you mentioned. Made me laugh.


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    Jan 2014
    111 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Have a permission across the street from a Walmart, 3 empty lots that had homes on them in 1914. I put my headphones on and don’t look at the traffic, had several people yell something as they drive by. Don’t matter, I’m in my own little world and enjoying life, making good finds too
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    Feb 2020
    Sw Wisconsin
    Equinox 800 Garrett Carrot
    262 times
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    You could just stare back wearing your xray glasses.
    You don't stop playing because you get old..
    You get old because you stop playing

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    I'm a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” ― Thomas Jefferson

    Apr 2016
    Abita Springs La....Born in New Orleans
    EQUINOX 800
    24716 times
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    #1 rule never make eye contact
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    Mar 2012
    Long Island New York
    beach hunter 300
    12 times
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    Jan 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug H View Post
    This has been referenced in different threads but I couldn't find a thread devoted to the topic. Going to the beach the past year or so has meant grabbing the fishing pole and leaving the AT PRO at home because I wasn't happy with the way the PRO performed in the salt. Yesterday I went to the beach with my equinox for the first time. Here's the thing...I had forgot about all the weird looks and stares I get when metal detecting on public beaches. Detecting on land if someone sees me it's like "oh look, there's a guy metal detecting". But on the beach it seems like its "there's one of those creepy old guys with a metal detector". I equate it to the looks and stares that some handicapped or obese people get. I never do anything to shine a bad light on this hobby but sometimes I think I'd like to scream "what the hell". Just wanted to see if you experience this and what your thoughts are when it happens and do you do what most of us I assume do and just ignore it.
    i hunted dry sands long long ago - have experienced the looks and comments (and then some) that you have
    you see me at the beach ...99% of the time - I'm in the water
    - funny thing is ...never have gotten the looks or comments in the water
    in fact - just the opposite usually. People i meet in water think its awesome and cool that machine is waterproof
    and that i find gold out there
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    Motto = "I try to hit where others cant or others wont "

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    Jan 2012
    16291 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Truth View Post
    #1 rule never make eye contact
    i wear mirrored dive mask and will face forward but still be able to look at them
    and i keep my head phones on when i get out of the water - so if i dont want to respond to someone
    i wont and they will say "oh...he cant hear me"- depends on my mood
    I have had my earphones on and heard people say stuff - my fav
    was on a Cape Cod beach - my GF was on blanket and people behind her showed up after
    us so did not know we were together - it was a group of 8 adults and they were making
    all kinds of comments while i was out there - "I wonder if he found enough pennies to buy lunch"
    hehehe..stuff like that - my Gal was getting po'ed and wanted to turn on them - From the water
    I was glancing now and then to my GF and saw them pointing in my direction and laughing
    I could see frown on my gals face. Eventually I took a lunch break and headed in towards her
    I kept my headphones on so i could make it to her with hopefully no one stopping me
    as i got closer I could see and hear them snickering. I heard one of them say "here he comes"
    and then one say "Ut-oh" as they saw I was heading to blanket in front of them and all
    their faces changed cause they knew my Gal must have heard everything they said.
    As I started taking gear off my girl was rolling her eyes and whispered "you shouldve
    heard crap they were saying" - Then she asked how I did and i whispered - "I got 3 gold rings"
    and then she smiled - I put my body on the blanket in such a way as to block their view.
    and then started to unload by booty so my gf could see but they couldnt. Told her to keep
    the rings low and not let them see. She whispered "they are trying to see...they are craning
    their necks trying to see what you got". Then one of them spoke up and said "So...did
    you get anything good?" I said "No...just pennies...you know". They could see my gal
    looking at something in her fingers and her eyes and smile lighting up, but I pushed her hands
    low so they could not see. She purposely acted extra excited as she picked up the other rings
    and she added a "WOW" here and there. I could see a lot of movement behind me as they were
    trying like heck to see what I had. Finally one apologized...think it was one of their wives.
    and they asked if they could please see what I got. I finally gave in and told them I got 3 gold rings
    and some other nice finds. They were amazed and then asked a bunch of the usual questions
    "Do you do this for a living?" "Whats the best thing you ever found?" etc.
    Now we were good friends...they even asked if we wanted to have lunch with them
    Motto = "I try to hit where others cant or others wont "

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    Dec 2019
    Garrett Ace 300, Ace 200, Nokta pinpointer, Brute Magnetics 888 pound Fishing Magnet
    236 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    I mean even as a kid I get weird stares and the occasional 18 year old asking his girlfriend, “Look at that crazy dude, is he carrying a Geiger counter?”
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    “Today’s the day!”- Mel Fisher
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    Feb 2020
    Sw Wisconsin
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROIGuy View Post
    Generally, those people I can tolerate. Its the times we live in which are producing a generation of people who stick their noses into other peoples' business and call the "authorities" and complain that "he's ruining our day at the beach!!!" What am I doing that requires the permission of someone I don't know and am not near, nor touching and generally ignoring? What? Making virtually self healing holes in the sand?? Removing shredded aluminum cans and poptops? I just don't understand people these days.
    Some people just need something to "beach" about.
    Other than that, they don't have much.
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    You don't stop playing because you get old..
    You get old because you stop playing

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    Jul 2013
    1393 times
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    Humans are funny. If we see something different or unusual we stare it’s normal human being behaviour. I think some people are intimidated by us. We stand out amongst the ordinary like a black sheep on the beach and I love it. I’ve always liked being different than everyone else. Some people are scared of being different and follow the norm. Some people are also jealous of other people who stand out and are doing something they never thought of. Most people I think are actually saying to themselves when they stare is .. “that would be cool”...I bet he finds some good stuff “why didn’t I think of that”.
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    Dec 2007
    Whites MXT, DetectorPro HH Underwater
    1215 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Honorable Mentions (2)
    I've only had one negative experience. Was detecting in the water at a small local pond. An irate woman got my attention and said that I shouldn't be doing that here. I said, don't worry, the kids aren't in my way. She repeated it again, and knowing there was no lifeguard on duty, I asked if she was the lifeguard on duty. She replied, "no, I'm a town resident trying to enjoy my day". I said, " so am I". She then gave me a nasty look and I just moved into deeper water. When I looked back a couple minutes later, her and her brats were gone.
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