Neighbor John’s Yard – A First; Buffalo Nickel (1936)
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Thread: Neighbor John’s Yard – A First; Buffalo Nickel (1936)

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    Neighbor John’s Yard – A First; Buffalo Nickel (1936)

    First off, thanks to my neighbor John for letting me detect his yard today. His house sits adjacent to Ole Town and I figured a lot of people have walked by there in the past 140 years or so. Because of the parched conditions and dry ground, I chose to more or less surface hunt; 4” or less of depth on my CTX 3030 and based in part on sound. This is an easy depth for me to focus on, particularly when I only dig targets I can EASILY localize first with my CTX and more important second with the pointer (right now using Pro 35) before digging. The holes I dig are about the size squirrels make. Don’t worry, though, I got some nice deeper targets to dig when conditions are right, read soaking wet. I've only scratched the surface here and plan a few returns.

    I spent about 1 ½ hrs gridding the whole yard one way and returned to several spots for further consideration. I ignored the 12:36-7s, zinc cents, or at least tried too, and concentrated on coin numbers and on some highly rewarding gold ring numbers (from surf hunting) on the CTX 3030. I also didn’t forget nickels at 12:13 and this proved fortuitous. It was toward the end of the 2 hr hunt when I got a solid 12:13 and it was only a few inches down. I easily localized the target with the pointer and literally popped the nickel out of the ground with the digger with the first attempt (never happens). I knew it was a nickel, immediately, but had to clear some of the dirt to realize it was a Buffalo nickel. The Buffalo is in about good condition but the date is basically gone. Using a magnifier (x10) and wetting the coin, I could just make-out the top of a 3 and parts of a 6; 1936. My first Buffalo!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Buffalo reverse 073119.jpg 
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ID:	1738588 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Buffalo obverse 1936.jpg 
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Size:	38.4 KB 
ID:	1738592

    Earlier in the hunt I also found a destroyed junk ring, surprisingly also at the nickel number of 12:13. Can’t tell you how many junk rings I’ve found over the yrs (100s; found 20 gold in past 2 yrs) when beach and surf hunting, but this junk ring is my first “ring” found metal detecting dirt. I guess a “first” is a “first”.

    Ended the day with 8 Memorials and 1 Wheatie (1956-D) cent, 3 nickels including the Buffalo, 1 clad dime and 2 clad quarters.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	coin finds 073119.jpg 
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ID:	1738593

    In addition to the junk ring, I found a very old (ca 1920s – 1940s) 3” lipstick (red). [Wife keeps saying it is 6” long…I don’t get it.]

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Lipstick.jpg 
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Size:	37.3 KB 
ID:	1738594

    Of course, no matter how careful you are, you’re going to dig junk; that’s just the way it is metal detecting even with a top notch machine…"Now if we could only find a top notch operator." Wife, go away!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Junk 073119.jpg 
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Size:	83.8 KB 
ID:	1738595

    Now, I just want to dance in the rain…where is the wife when ya need her?

    I’m dancing in the rain, what a marvelous…

    Happy Hunting
    Metal Detecting Goal in Life is to Find Wife a 2ct Diamond Ring (so she'll be quiet about all my metal detecting).

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    Nice!!! Congrats!!!
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