Tips for retrieving coins from the earth without damaging them?
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Thread: Tips for retrieving coins from the earth without damaging them?

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    Jul 2016
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    Tips for retrieving coins from the earth without damaging them?

    I have recently started metal detecting an old farm site that has been in the family for 200 years. I've had some insane luck finding coins from 1850s-1950s. The soil is very compact and the coins are coming out with incredible detail. Unfortunately I scratched an indian head penny and barber dime digging them out. I've been using the T Lesch shovel to dig. Not sure if it was the shovel or rocks in the compact soil that caused the scratches. Anyone have tips or a process they follow when digging to ensure they don't cause damage to the coins?

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    Digging in the dirt & scooping in the water!
    Pin pointing is very important. I've cut flaps as much as 12" wide when pin pointing isn't all that "comforting". A lot of times the target is "tilted" in the ground and will project the signal considerably away from the actual location.
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    It will happen to the best of us at times. Getting experience in pin pointing will eventually reduce the number of damaged targets. In the mean time, cut bigger plugs (if you can) will usually help. If the area is one where you want to keep them small or if it's a well manicured area, start with a hand held pin pointer on the shallow targets, and if you need to excavate, cut a three sided trap door plug. The grass will recover faster and more completely that way.
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    I'm not one to give advice on this subject because when the meter hits a nice silver tone/ reading, my mind slips into a type of frenzy to get it out. Not that it would make a difference because of the fact it has been buryed for a long time & retrieving it 5 seconds sooner would not make a differance.
    With that said some coins are worth a tidy amount if a key date or error but with a scratch on it from your tool pretty much looses value.
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    slow down

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    Cut the plug the same size as your coil after pinpointing with your metal detector, I do this with silver signals...
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    Sep 2013
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    Whites 6000di pro plus Whites id beach hunter Got rid of the Minelab pointer, Then got a Garrett. Much better pointer. Minelab Xterra 705 Ibuprofen
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    Good advice.

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    A pinpointer will help a bunch and it will speed up recovery time meaning more targets dug in an outing. Practice practice. I try to cut my plug in front of the target and hinge it back. I stick my pinpointer down in the hole and usually the taget is ahead of me under the hinge. I then use a screw driver to loosen dirt to the side of the target and retrieve.
    Never field clean. Wait til you get home and soak in soapy water and use running water and soft bristle tooth brush to gently remove caked on soil.

    My first two barber dimes found back in the 80's I scratched as well. My first franklin halve, scratched the heck out of the back. My first SLQ, I scratched the hell outta the back of it as well! I could go on.....
    This was before the handheld pinpointers were available. I have MUCH better luck not scratching coins now.

    Slow down and good luck!

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    Mar 2017
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    I use toecutters technique as well. Also, be sure to get yourself a handheld pin pointer. Pinpointers will increase recovery speed and reduce frustration.

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    Sep 2019
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    Thanks for sharing tips is so helpful.
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    I cut a big plug most every dig. Properly replaced, the sod will do ok as long as you're careful on replacing it. I hate messing up something that survived OK until I found it. I'm lucky to have easy digging in our dirt locally but roots are always a problem.
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    Feb 2016
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    With your detector pinpointed activated start several inches to left or right of your target slowly moving toward it both watching your depth meter and listening for the increase in volume. When you get to the shallowest depth and loudest volume go just a tad further until ther both begin to change just a tad than creep back. Now sidestep 90 degrees, again moving your coil to the side several inches, again creeping to the target till meter shallowest and volume highest through headphones your target will be directly under the center circle of your coil if you're using a concentric coil. If you're using a double D than about under the shaft to coil mounting ear bolt.

    Often with a double D you may be off a bit with a small 3-4 inch plug, but with a concentric spider coil it will be under that center circle 90% guarantee if you listened and watched the depth indicator carefully!
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    Feb 2019
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    I was in the same situation as you and I know how terrible it feels to damage a coin but you have to realize it is part of the game.
    When cutting a plug or digging a hole ALWAYS dig at least 5 inches away from where your target is pinpointed.
    Also invest in a quality pinpointer to speed up recovery and decrease your chance of damaging your target. I use the Garrett pro pointer AT.

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    dig larger holes and use a pinpointer
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    May 2018
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    Agree with the others about the larger plugs and pin-pointers. Sometimes the plug is only the sod and the coin is much deeper. Once you lift away that flap or trapdoor, put the shovel or metal trowel down and use the pin-pointer and your fingers or a plastic grubbing tool. If the soil is still too hard, maybe you should quit for the day and return after a long soaking rain.
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