I need a read out for lead bullet on ctx3030
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    I need a read out for lead bullet on ctx3030

    I was contacted by a defense attorney to help locate a spent bullet in a grassy area. Iím assuming itís like a 9mm or a .38 type caliber. I know bullets are made of a mixture of different materials these days, but just trying to get a general idea. Heís working on brining other spent bullets to the scene so I can match read outs but just Incase what read out should I be looking for to try and discriminate out some of the pull tabs and gum wrappers Iím sure Iím going to find in the area. Iíll be using a ctx3030. Thanks

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    You will be looking for a BULLET? Or a bullet CASING? If the atty thinks his client was defending himself and firing from a position with a weapon that EJECTS casings, looking for a CASING at his clients known position would make sense. To look for the actual BULLET that was fired TOWARD another position would be an extremely tall order.
    That being said, you’re looking for something between 27-35 on the Conductive side using High Trash target separation. Disc out 0-25 (most everything below your range) and 37-50 (most everything above your range. High Trash will allow the machine to report the strongest ACCEPTED target, which is what you’ll want if you’re looking for the BULLET. Even if it hit something and became deformed but lost no mass, it should read in the range. I don’t have a CASING to test.
    Good luck...

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    You need to get an exact sample to have much of a change finding the bullet, unless you want to dig lots of targets. Hopefully, they will have a good sample for you to test and the bullet wasn't fired directly into real soft ground. If it's a shell casing, that should be easier to find. For either target, set up a good grid system, either with cones or ropes. Having a helper will make things easier moving them.
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