Whispers from the dirt; pondering yesteryear
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Thread: Whispers from the dirt; pondering yesteryear

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    Whispers from the dirt; pondering yesteryear

    I hear the food dropping in the bowl like popcorn popping. I know that when she is finished she will jump in the bed and, like a dutiful alarm clock, paw me awake. “Hey,its time to get up! You have slept long enough!”

    Long enough? It’s 5 am! But, yeah, actually I have slept in 2 hours over! Most of the world won’t see the light of day until 7 or 9am. By that time I have done so much I am almost ready for a nap!

    I am looking forward to my usual Saturday digging. But, *first, hot tea and a mandatory sit on the front porch, Says her. Who is she, she is Lacy. The one I rescued several years ago when she was just a pup. I really think she rescued me!

    No sunrise this morning, overcast. Left from the hurricane 2 days ago, or from the one in the Gulf now? I don’t know, but it will make for a cooler day of digging.

    Tea is finished, time to make breakfast. Need to have good energy for the day. I love cooking breakfast. The sizzle of the bacon reminds me of the water tumbling over the rocks in the creek when I was a child. Ahh, mountain memories and the smell of bacon in the morning!

    Got to get at it, time is marching on. Shuffle here and there through the house to get everything together for the hunt. What do I need, rain coat, detector, knife, do I need a gun? No, no gun, my shovel is sharp. Batteries, the right shoes, old clothes, I know I am going to get muddy.

    Poor Lacy! She is sullen! She knows I will be gone for a while and she hates it. She loves for me to be here with her or for me to take her with me. But, I can’t and she does not understand. I try to console her. She will not even look at me as I pet her and talk to her, reassuring her that I will be back in a little while. I tear myself away and leave her as she lays on the couch, sad. It’s hard but, I go.

    I love early mornings. It is such a peaceful time. No matter the worries of yesterday, His mercies are new every day. It is true and I see it whenever I take these early morning drives. God has a made a way for us. He is faithful like that.

    It is just a short drive to the dirt mine. I arrive and see that the tiller of the fields is already at work mowing! It is just daylight! But, that is the best time isn’t it? I pull in onto the lush green grass and make my way to the closest place to park.

    Got to change these shoes, it sure is wet out here! I slip into the muck boots. As I put them on, the only sounds I hear are the chirps of the crickets and the hum of the distant mower. A few birds are chirping as they awaken to the day.

    I think of the last time I was here. Iron, Iron, Iron! But, I was digging by the shop so that was expected. Today, I am thinking of really just going slowly over the dirt where the house stood so many years ago.

    Boots on, I pause for a minute to listen as the wind makes the trees sing a little. The birds join in with the crickets for a morning symphony. This is a beautiful, peaceful place.

    I suit up for the hunt. Belt with the finds bag, shovel and detector. I take a raincoat, sure that it is going to rain. It doesn’t, so after a while I take it back to the truck.

    Can you ever not think about anything? I think I was of a blank mind as I started swinging the detector. Or was it just so routine that I didn’t notice? High tones today, 53 and up, maybe that is what I was thinking. Yep.

    This is where the house stood. From my previous finds, my understanding is from the thirties to the fifties mostly. Earliest penny, 1927 wheaty, that’s what we call the old wheat pennies.

    The first few targets, iron. Why am I digging these? Because, the signal sometimes hits,80-81 to 90. Even though there is the iron grunt to it, I have to know, so I dig it all. A large, slightly bent iron pin of some sort.

    I go on and dig several other things. An old chrome plated knob looking item. Reminds me of a radiator cap from a Model T Ford, except a lot smaller and more round like a ball. It is attached to a circular dial like piece of metal. Hmmm, a mystery. Maybe, ID me on Facebook will help. Picture sent.

    A couple hours and I am thirsty and need a break. I leave the detector standing leaning against the shovel I have pitched in the ground and walk the short distance to the truck. I get out my nice camping seat, water and a snack and sit down and enjoy the scene.

    Now I am thinking as I lean back in my chair and nibble on the oatmeal cookie and take a sip of water. I no longer hear the lawn mower, the keeper is done. The birds sing and I think back to what it was like here all those years ago.

    Over there, about 50 yards away and 3 inches in the dirt, I found a 1891 quarter. Seated they call it. This one, smooth and etched. Two letters, HH on the back.

    Who was this? Did he live here or was this his farm field? Or perhaps it was the home of the girl he loved. Did he give her this love token or did he loose it before he was able to get it to her? Was it passed down to a grandson that lost it as he played outside?

    What was life like here so long ago? Wagons and mule drawn plows for working the fields. Horses to ride to the nearby town of Newton. The awful war between the states had been over for several years but still very fresh in everyone’s mind. This area didn’t see but one little skirmish that was an illegal attempt by a rogue officer that wanted to make a name for himself; well he did, but it wasn’t good.

    And over there about a hundred yards and just under the surface I found a military collar disc with crossed rifles. Infantry, WW 2. Previously, not far from this spot, I found a Police button, very nice. Scoville.
    A son, did he inherit his Fathers place? Another war, a different time.

    There was a shop here for sure. Evidenced by all of the iron artifacts I have found. Hammers, knives, files and plow parts. Did he work cotton or peanuts. Probably peanuts since the boll weevil had entirely changed the agriculture in this area in the 1800’s. But that is another story. A monument stands in honor of the pest in Enterprise, the only known one to exist in honor of a bug.

    Well, finished with my snack. A check to see if anyone knows what that knobby thing is. They don’t. So I get up and go back to detecting. No hurry, it’s nice out.

    Oh wow! What is this?! A Barber dime 1916!! My first one! And so another thing to ponder. I dig on…addicted!Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20200919_092152.jpg 
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ID:	1865121Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20200919_132038.jpg 
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ID:	1865122Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20200919_112608.jpg 
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ID:	1865123
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    Wow that's the best in situation write up I've ever read. Congrats on the Barber, and sorry but I have no clue on the knob piece unless it was one of those steering knobs that 70 years ago was popular to clamp to a steering wheel to aid in turning the wheel of vehicles w/o power steering. If so it's missing the bottom half of housing and clamp. Just a wild guess.

    P.s. I hope the Lacey didn't mess the floor out of spite.

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    Nov 2018
    South East Alabama
    Began with Bounty Hunter, Now have AT Pro and AT Max.
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    Thanks, and no she didn't. She is used to it!
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    If you wrote a book Id love to read it, hope someone ids the knob thingy for you, I cannot. That barber is a nice find!
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