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Thread: Do you ever feel bad for unborn detectorists?

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    Jul 2013
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    Do you ever feel bad for unborn detectorists?

    Quote Originally Posted by fistfulladirt View Post
    Digital currency? Were already there. For years now.
    We have not yet gone to a complete digital currency world. Im talking about when it finally does and there is no longer cash or cash transactions. Sure you mean through credit card, debit and online banking, that is technically digital but its not whats ahead. Once all the federal banks change completely to digital currency, you will no longer have to wait days for your cheques to clear or your visa payment to process etc, It will be a currency that is instant just as though you handed over cash. Not talking about debit or online banking.

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    Jul 2013
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    Do you ever feel bad for unborn detectorists?

    ...we have digital banking not digital currency yet.

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    Nov 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Irishgoldhound View Post
    Aluminum back in the 1800s was rare to find and more precious than gold.
    This is true. The U.S. even capped the Washington monument with a 6 pound pyramid of aluminum in 1884.
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    Cleaning Up The Planet...One Pull Tab At A Time.

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    steve andermatt

    Apr 2013
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    No need to worry about future detector enthusiasts I will rebury all my crusty, nasty zincolns in a mason jar so they have treasure to find.
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    back of the boat

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    Jul 2012
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    I feel for all the unborn- and pray for their souls

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    Aug 2013
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    Nope, never thought of it, because, the way things are going in this world in a few hundred years indigenous people may rediscover Mt Rushmore and wonder what great society once existed there before them. They may even worship it. By the time metal detectors are reinvented everything from our time will be worth money.

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    Dec 2016
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    The worst thing for future generations is that elite academia and government would rather Mother Nature and time destroy all relics, and have things never be found only to be lost forever, than to let someone without a digging degree pull something out of the ground.

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    Dec 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by nuggetdog View Post
    Had a young boy, maybe 12 follow me around for 3 hours asking questions the other day, I know what hell be asking for Christmas this year. I let him keep some of my best finds, he reminded me of myself when I was his age. Granted hes already been born but its really fun to turn young people on to the hobby, better than playing those video games.

    Inspiring the next generation in some way is the biggest contribution we can make to the world.
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    Apr 2019
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    Maybe its like cuting a tree down and you replace it with another. Find a treasure and put somthing back in its place. Might make things interesting


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