High and low beeps, same area, seems to be metallic rocks. Appreciate advice please.
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    Nov 2020
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    High and low beeps, same area, seems to be metallic rocks. Appreciate advice please.

    Hunting old logging roads here in North Georgia, and mostly I get a read, and it is a high beep in the silver range, and also a low beep. I dig, and it's almost always rocks.
    I am in North Georgia, near the Blue Ridge Mts., so plenty of metallic rocks.

    Does this make sense though? Am I just poor at this? Is there a way to work with the settings to avoid this, or should I just get used to a high and low beep in the same spot meaning rocks? Is this normal? Thank you for any advice and insight.

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    Travis Mitchell

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    I would suspect your dealing with "hot Rocks" or mineralized rocks. The Pioneer 202 likely doesn't have a good way of dealing with these rocks. You need a better machine with ground balance capabilities. You might snag a few small samples and test them against whatever machine your consider to purchase.

    Not worry I still dig my fair share of rocks in some areas - With the right machine and trained ears you learn to tell the difference on larger rocks.
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