To the idiot who -
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    Jul 2007
    Cobra Beach Magnet Fisher 1270

    To the idiot who -

    To the idiot who went detecting at Frost and Cascades elementary schools in Jackson fill your damn holes. I could see your damage a full 200 feet away from every hole you dug. I had to spent my limited time of detecting repairing your destruction. Not only did you leave sod plugs everywhere you also left the trash you extracted laying on the ground or still in the holes. If you want to outlaw MD'ing just write your congressman and stay home. Sorry but this just pisses me off.
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    technology lover

    Oct 2007
    clarkston michigan
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    Re: To the idiot who -

    that is friggin ridiculous, i swear if i come across anyone leaving holes open im gonna put them in the hole and bury them myself. I agree with you totally, it take 20 seconds to fill it and stomp it a bit, i too have had to fill holes people left behind.

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    Aug 2006
    Wyandotte, MI.
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    Guess What I did Saturday???

    Yep, same thing as Gallienus, taking care of some other slobs holes he didn't fill in! Must have filled in 20 holes. Guys like that don't do us any good!

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    Feb 2008
    Great Lakes State
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    Re: To the idiot who -

    Keep in mind that if there is a large squirrell population they may open up holes, I've seen it.
    Does'nt look like the case here tho, unless the detectorist is re-burying the trash and THEN rodents open up the holes. Just sayin'.

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    Jun 2007
    Minelab Explorer (is there another brand)

    Re: To the idiot who -

    Good point Duane. I had that happen to me once. I was granted permission at a neat old home site that was up for sale. Could go anytime I wanted. Well after being there the day before I went back and discovered most of my holes were flipped over and it looked like crap. Glad no one was living in the home at the time because they probably would have never let me come back. I have also had homeowners dogs follow after me and redig the holes I covered up. Jim
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    Jun 2006
    Detroit, Michigan
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    Re: To the idiot who -

    Dan - don't you usually follow me and bury the holes I dig ? oh , no wait - you follow me and dig the coins I missed . . .

    A bad day metal detecting is better than a good day at work . . .

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    Mar 2007
    SW Michigan
    Explorer SE
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    Re: To the idiot who -

    Listen-- are you breathing just a little, and calling it a life?
    - Mary Oliver

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    Jul 2007
    X-Terra 70

    Re: To the idiot who -

    I have also noticed that heavy duty lawnmowers have a tendency to lift sod from freshly filled holes.

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    Apr 2007
    Mid MI
    Fisher / Tesoro
    2 times

    Re: To the idiot who -

    I have also seen holes that Squirrels have opened back up but they just took out part of the dirt most of the time just the sod it don't look the same as a hole a Treasure hunter left open

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    Jul 2007
    Cobra Beach Magnet Fisher 1270

    Re: To the idiot who -

    What I was seeing was not an animal digging things back up. I have seen that before. This was caused by an irresponsible md'er. When I dig a target you have to look hard to see where I dug the hole. I put the sod back and then I brush all the dirt back or brush it into the grass to hide it. This jerk left all plugs out and piles of dirt all around the hole. It looked like crap. Never saw such slob work.
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    Re: To the idiot who -

    If everyone learned to coin pop it would solve this problem.

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    Oct 2007
    garrett ultra gta 500
    9 times

    Re: To the idiot who -

    thats why i haven't md'd the last 3 months i have limited time and i got tired of this type of sh- oops, CRAP!!!!! must be some one not on this forum or have any common sense also you are talking about jackson where i have noticed the intelligence level of 95% of the population is around 80 IQ no wonder the factories are all leaving the area. whats real sad is, this 95% are parents. Then 2% of pop. are embezzlers, liars, etc. that leaves 3% of us out here in the county. I'm saving my money to get the hell out of here.

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    michigan michael

    Re: To the idiot who -

    I am a little strange but, I get satafaction out of filling my hole and making it look like I was not ever there. It seems if you are just in it for the find, greed would take over then it turns to work instead of enjoyment. Just my thought.


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    Jan 2009

    Re: To the idiot who -

    If the person don't fill their hole's back in, I doubt they would have any idea this site exists.

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    Oct 2007
    Northern, OH
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    Re: To the idiot who -

    I had a pet ratcoon that would open my holes after I filled them in. I had to leave him at home when I went out detecting.....
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