HUGE bucks in a fight!
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Thread: HUGE bucks in a fight!

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    HUGE bucks in a fight!

    I went to VA to look for Sharks teeth. I did find a bunch, but they're still in the truck.

    Anyway, 2 miles from home I notice a commotion on the side of the road, about 200 yards out in a field. A medium sized buck is fighting with either an antlerless deer or a button buck. They are head to head and going at it.

    Standing about 20' away is one of the biggest bucks I have ever seen! This puppy went probably 250 pounds and it looked like he had a tree on his head! Couldn't get a picture, but it's that time of year. There were a couple normal sized horses in the next pasture and he compared favorably to them.

    Drivers, beware!

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    Dec 2009
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    Was walking down a railroad right of way one afternoon a couple of years ago and noticed that someone's horse had gotten out of their pasture a couple hundred yards up the line. Damn thing kinda loped in my direction till it was close enough to see it was a monster white tail. Couldn't get an accurate count on him, but from what I could see it was 10 plus, easy 200 lbs. Never spotted him again in spite of multiple trips out there.

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    I jumped one in the woods here years ago. When he ran it sounded like a Volkswagon loose out there!

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    Dec 2012
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    This time of year the Elk are in rut, and very protective of
    the harem they've built up. If I stand on my porch in the
    early morning hours (4-6) I'll hear an occasional challenging
    bugle from nearby, often just across the river.

    Another bull comes along, and it's "game on"..and a couple
    of 600 lb. bulls crashing massive antlers together can create
    quite a racket.

    The herds tend to gather in some local fields, and often they'll
    be a line of cars parked on the side of the back roads, waiting for
    the battles to begin.

    Never seen deer fight (in person), but can imagine they
    can really get after each other.
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